Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing A Hair System Base

Designing your own hair system can be confusing, and one of the ways to simplify the process is by focusing on details about your lifestyle. Asking yourself some questions that are easy to answer which provide us the valuable insight. Here we have several questions that every hair wearer needs to consider before choosing base materials and ordering a hair system.

How often do you sweat?

Everyday? A few times every week? Maybe you never get really sweaty! If you sweat a lot, you may need to order a more breathable base design, such as a full lace base. If you do no need quite as much airflow up top, a more durable skin base design can work just as well.

How oily is your skin?

Most people have not had to deal with a question like this since they were teenagers, but it is really matter. Oil can affect the duration and strength of your bond, so you want to be sure to choose a strong liquid adhesive that will work skin base to give you a consistent and reliable bond.

How do you intend on attaching your hair system?

Base and adhesives need to work together. Some bases can work with tapes or glues, and it is just a matter of preference. Some lace bases do not have enough surface area to support tape, but work well with liquid adhesive. Therefore, you need to pay attention to how you gonna attach your hair system.

How often do you want to remove and reattach?

Here’s a truth you need to know that the super-breathable lace base may not be able to handle being removed and reattached five times a week. The base material like skin can handle the stress of frequent re-attachments, but other will start to stretch, loose up, and unravel or shed hair.

What type of environment do you work in?

If you live, work, or spend a huge amount of time in a harsh environment that needs to be considered. In addition, some people like wearing hard hats or uniforms to work so stiff like friction and pressure on the hair will play a huge role in deciding which materials and configurations will be needed to best suit your lifestyle.

Will you have help maintaining your hair?

If you're depending on a professional for all of your maintenance, or even just for attachment and removal, maybe you can get away with a more delicate base material. If you plan to take care of everything yourself, you may need a stronger material that can hold up under your ham-fisted attempts to care for it.

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