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It’s very hard to know and choose a nice skin Toupee from Injected, V-looped, and Single Knotted Hair if you are new to toupee. Actually, choosing a good skin toupee will help you get confidence back, also the right Toupee will have long usage to save a lot. So this tutorial is ready for you, no matter the green hand or the practice, you could read it to avoid getting the wrong Toupee. Let’s begin with how to differentiate them easily.

Injected Hair,V-looped

1Injected Hair

The Injected hair is good because the hair is hand-inserted to the base from different angles, which means it looks very natural for all the hair to tend to fall in different directions. The natural design makes the people more serious and formal. And I have a suggestion that it’s better to make the injected hair for 0.04 to 0.06. If you want thicker hair, it can make on 12mm thickness thin skin. Just remember to insult your consultant and tell him what to do.


Namely, V-looped is related to the V. This kind of skin hair is not tied but looped into the base so no visible knots show. V-looped hair is very popular in the world because it can be divided in different directions depends on what you think. Ventilation in V-loop pieces is as good as it is in the knotted pieces. And about the V-looped hair design, it can be made for super thin about 0.02-0.03. This is another reason why V- looped hair sells very well in the world, the super-thin skin systems are far more natural than lace systems. Do you know why? Because there are no knots to bleach, no fine lines from lace. If you wear a V- looped hair, all you see is hair coming from the scalp!

3Single knotted

Single knotted

Be different from the V-looped hair, the single knotted hair is attached or tied to the base with the help of a very tiny hook. Absolutely, we can reach the conclusion from its name, right? It’s almost like sewing and a hairpiece maker knots every single strand of hair patiently one by one. This creates innumerable tiny pore spaces all over the base and so ventilation is high in knotted hairpieces. For this reason, manufacturers will make the single knotted hair with a thickness from 0.04 to 12mm. This is the reason why single knotted hair orders will be much more than the other two hair. So you will find it’s easy to see knotted hair on the toupee markets.

4Under the bottom

Under the bottom

Injected hair and V-looped hair are different from knotted hair. The reason is that they are pulled through the base or Injected from the skin, all manufactures try to make this toupee more natural with the different material and different nature design. Especially, injected hair is flatter, it isn’t easy to change hair direction, this is a character. V-looped hair is more lift, easy to be styled into any direction freely, single knots are tied to the base so they are more durable. All these three hairs make up the most products of the skin-toupee market.

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