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Custom Hair System or Stock Hair System?

It is easy to understand that the custom hair system is uniquely designed to fit individual’s head, and it is created ‘strand by strand’ matching individual’s exact hair density, hairline and color. As each person had his/her own unique hair loss pattern and head shape, the hair system can create a more natural undetectable appearance. A stock hair system is bought ‘off the shelf’, you can receive it in few days after payment but you will not have the various choices that a custom made system offers. Considering the features of custom hair systems and stock hair systems, pick one you prefer!

It takes a lot of design and technical decisions when creating a fully customized hair system. NOT an easy task for the new wearers. Don’t worry about that! Our hair replacement consultant will contact you to review your order details and guide you towards the right specifications for density, color, and more.

Compare Custom Hair Systems with Stock Hair Systems

Custom Hair Systems

Stock Hair Systems

For any level of hair loss

For any level of hair loss

few weeks to manufacture

Ships same or next day

Individually custom-made

Made to common specifications



Custom Hair Systems

Stock Hair Systems

Any size

Limited size (8”x10”)

Any system base shape

One standard base shape

Choice of densities

One density per type

Choice of hair length

6 inches

Choice of curl and wave

No or few curl options

Custom hair colors

Limited colors

Choice of hair direction


Match your own hairline shape

Standard CC front hairline shape

Different hair types for choosing

Indian human hair, or Indian Remy hair

Available with Buy More discount

Available with Buy More discount

Prices start at $179

Prices vary depending on products

To do your own comparison, visit Stock Hair System, or contact us