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Have you ever found that your hair replacement system bond broke down much earlier than you’ve imagined? To some extent, that has nothing to do with hair replacement system itself. No matter how strong your hair tapes or hair glue adhesives are, hair replacement system will not last long if you do not clean and properly prepare your scalp before attaching a hair replacement system. Even 1/1000000 of adhesive residue is unknowingly left behind on your head, which will untimely destroy your hair replacement system bond. So, how to prepare your scalp properly?

1If you’re bonding a hair replacement system for the first time, step-by-step instructions are as follows.


Step 1: Using an electric screen razor to shave any hair or stubble from the bonding area.

Step 2: Wash your entire head, hair, and scalp thoroughly with deep cleansing shampoo to remove any residue on the scalp, which will help you to clean up any sebum oils and balance the pH in your skin. Surely, later you could wash your hair and scalp with an everyday shampoo.

Step 3: Fully dry your head and scalp with a towel or a blow dryer to remove excess moisture.

2If you’re re-bonding a hair replacement system, make sure both the hair replacement system base and scalp are both completely cleaned up. It is vitally important as it has a direct influence on bond efficacy. Please keep on following the steps below.

Step 1: Wipe all visible traces of hairpiece adhesive residue from your scalp with a wet towel or cloth at first. If for oil traces of residue, spray some amount of isopropyl-ingredient mist on your scalp to emulsify. Then use a paper towel (do not use toilet paper as it is not strong enough) to rub vigorously until your scalp is clear of any residue. If there’s something hard to remove, a fine-tooth nit comb is also a good option.


Step 2: Wash your scalp and any existing hair thoroughly. As remaining adhesives can destroy and reduce the duration and strength of the hair replacement system bond, we also recommend you with deep cleansing shampoo and exfoliating scalp scrub, for example, an exfoliating glove, while showering your entire head. If possible, rinse and repeat 4-5 times, or at least twice, to ensure any trace of hairpiece adhesive residue is eliminated.

clean the hair

Step 3: Be sure to fully dry your head and scalp with a towel or a blow dryer for excess moisture. And at the same time, it is a good time to use an electric screen razor to closely remove or shave any hair or stubble from the bonding area, just the same step as for first-time-hair-replacement-system-bonding.

cut the extra hair

Step 4: Apply a layer of waterproof sealant and it is necessary. But why for something waterproof before attaching a hair replacement system? Because this is helpful to protect your skin as well as support adhesion with the hairpiece tape or adhesive , for example, when doing some sports and sweating.

prapare to attach the system

While, after and only after with a proper scalp preparation, will you then be ready to attach your hair replacement system.

If you use tape to apply hair system on, this blog will be good for you.

Hope this can help you attach hair replacement by yourself at home. If you have any otther question, please feel free to contact us.