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No matter what kind your hair is, well, I mean natural hair or hair replacement system, all of you would want the hair color fresher and longer. So here’s the question: how to maintain hair color where it belongs?

How to Maintain Hair Color for Natural and Original Hair

Did you know that when you dye your hair, the pigments were held captive in the hair strands? And that’s the reason why your hair color can’t last long as anything, among which the biggest color-stealing culprit is H2O or specifically speaking, the plain water, can lift the hair shaft’s cuticle, which allows pigment particles to escape and then that pretty color faded. Before you wash all the cash and color down the drain, how to maintain hair color?

Wearing a hat will help to protect your hair from some elements which prevent the formation of free radicals, atoms, or molecules, you know that these elements would contribute to fading when they snatch electrons from pigment molecules. When the weather is sunny and you’re outdoors for a long time and, wearing a sun hat matters a great deal to protect your hair, just like using sun cream on the body.

Suds up less frequently which means the more you wash your hair, the faster your hair color will fade. When shampooing, the hair strands, meeting with the shampoo ingredients, would swell, and the color then washes little by little. Any solution? Or you could invest in John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Enhancing Shampoo for example, which deposits dye onto your hair and re-color it a little each time you wash.

Use color-protecting shampoo and conditioner through traditional and conventional shampoo products won’t take away from the color, while they neither add anything. Well, when washing and conditioning your hair strands with products formulated to be protective, like Pantene Pro-V Color Expressions Shampoo , that will seal your hair cuticle to hold on to the dye inside the strands.

P.S. please re-think going red as the red hair colors fade fastest, because of the crimson pigment molecules being larger than browns and blacks and unstable.

Now it’s time for the question, How to Maintain Hair Color for Hair Replacement System Same as people’s natural and original hair, the hair replacement system would also start to fade and lose its original luster after a period of time.

While different from the tips about the ways how to maintain hair color above, for hair replacement system, we would more likely offer some professional instructions on the same color restoration procedure.

Step 1: Mix the Correct Formula

Different hair replacement systems, different hair colors. Different colors, different amounts of color solution used. For detailed information, you could refer to the specific product instructions. Do remember to wear rubber or latex gloves before doing the mix.

Step 2: Dip Your Hair Replacement System into the Container to Begin the Coloring

If for a graduated color, please start the coloring by dipping the back of the hair system into the solution first, and then wet the sides and ends. After 1 to 3 minutes, taking a section of hair for a color check seems a little necessary. DO NOT forget to squeeze out the moisture upon a color check. And DO keep in mind the hair color will be lighter after it’s dry.

Step 3: Rinse the Hair System Once Reaching Your Desired Color

After removing your hair system from the coloring solution, do rinse it thoroughly in warm tap water, use a very mild shampoo and rinse it out one more time.

Step 4: Dry Your Hair System

Once rinsed, shampooed, and re-rinsed your hair system, do use a clean, dry towel and gently blot the hair. And attach it to your scalp and if possible, spray on a light mist of a leave-in conditioner.

Now the color of your hair replacement system should be restored to its original luster. Get ready to brush the hair into your desired style. Air dry or blow dry, that depends on yourself.