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How Can I Make The Wig (Toupee) Look More Natural




Of course, the wig that you see and you get may be different from your own. But when you have a wig, there are some simple and effective tips to make the wig look more natural. You should be confident in that you will be able to pull off any look you want.

Try to make the wig the way you like

There are some many hair stylists people will go after, get the hair down and trim the split ends are the most common, so does the wig. With a little tailoring a wig can look great. Wigs will be stiff when you get it from the online shop, a customized cut can make a hell lot of difference to your look.

Protect the wig with right care products

Just like you keep your real human hair healthy, try to choose those right care products for the wigs. Some special care products are made for wigs to make it last for a long lifetime. And you need to notice that  products may vary for synthetic wigs and human wigs respectively. All you need is to make them look vibrant and strong.

For synthetic hair you get a paraben-free all in one wig care kit that keeps it revitalized and clean in all aspects. For human wigs you also have another wig kit that is paraben and sulphate free.

Prepare one more wigs as replacement

Wigs are fragile and treasure for its high prices that some people just wear a wig for a long time until it’s broken. But it’s not wise. If you want to make the wig look more natural, it’s better to prepare two wigs as a backup option. Some changes will damage the wigs, for example, cure it or tie it up, in that case, a replacement will be a backup option when you are in emergency. Every wigs has a interval to get a relax that they could make you look natural with a long time.

Just look like what you are

Add something creative to your wig- a headband or a scarf maybe. You don’t have to wear it the same way always solely because it is a wig. For a more natural look, if your natural hair is somewhat close to your wig color try blending in your own hair along the hairline. Apply the wig then pull out small sections of your own hair along the sides and front using your fingers or a comb. Even if your natural hair is long, taking it out on the sides will make the look more natural and give you a seamless hairline.

Stay Close to Your Current Style

How can I make the wig look more natural? Actually, there is a simple answer, make the wig look like your current style. You may want to change the hair style which run for quite a long time, a wig just satisfy your demand. Stay within your comfort zone but still you can experiment with style variations. Change the colors of your human hair by use a natural wig, the tip is do not forget to make it look natural.

Do not get a ill-fitting wig

The wig is a special decoration than those jewelries, watches. It will perfect match you and give you confidence once you get an appropriate one. It’s easy to get embarrassed if wear a ill-fitting wig that may make others be aware of you have a hair loss. Choosing the right style and color of your wig is the way out. It must be the easiest way to make the wig look natural.

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