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Which One Will You Prefer, Synthetic Hairs Or Human Hairs?

Why there are synthetic hairs and human hairs?


Easy to see people wear hair wigs nowadays. No matter you are wearing it or getting a few knowledge about it, or you are going to consider it, the argument about which one will you prefer about the synthetic  hairs or human hairs always go ahead of the final decision.
What’s the difference between synthetic hairs and human hairs?

To be simple, the human hairs is the hair wig which made of real human hair. There are some manufacturers will collect the hair from some salons periodically, then the hair was delivery to factories for the re-production. So, what’s the synthetic hairs? It’s a quite different from human hairs. Synthetic hair is material that appears to be human hair but is made from non-human materials. And the purpose of synthetic hairs is more related the beauty. It’s also called fake hair, a weave and extensions. Women who want to make their hair appear longer, there should be a synthetic hair. The synthetic hairs always help to make the real hair change their styles, for example, make it thicker or appear with different colors. That’s the reason why the synthetic hairs are popular in these years. In short, human hairs and synthetic hairs are hair wigs with different purposes.

Different Purpose of Synthetic HairsPinit


Which One Will You Prefer, Synthetic Hairs Or Human Hairs?


Different decisions will be made according to different purpose.


Synthetic Hairs:



Compared with human hair costing much, synthetic hairs are really various in different appearances. For the purpose to make the hair longer, or to make different styles, women will choose the synthetic hairs as a good beauty items. However, they always like to change the style in a short time that would be damage to human hairs, and this is the reason why synthetic hairs will become more and more popular these years. What’s more,  the synthetic hair enable women to change hair colors without a hurt to their natural hair, fantastic.


Pros: Change original hair style without too much damage about the natural hair, lower price with high frequency usage.

Cons: They may made of some type of plastic with fixed look. You need to try to make it natural when you wearing it.


Human Hairs:



Human hairs sounds good than synthetic hairs and it indeed will be more expensive than synthetic hairs. Because the availability of human hair is the main difficulty and this is the reason it costlier than other alternatives. And most people choose the human hair because it will make the look more nature and it’s not easy to find that you wear a hair wig. In some occasions, this is the first and important reason why customers prefer to pay expensive on a human hair to make themselves more confident. The comfort that comes with the use of human hair is very popular with women wigs.


Pros: To get a natural look and nice touch. Good quality will support the hair wig with a longer life. Eliminate tangling and complexities involved with hairs.

Cons: Expensive than synthetic hairs.


If you are looking for an affordable wig then first look for the different qualities of hair available and their sources.

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