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Hair Color

How to choose the right hair color ?

Hair color is one essential factor to choose when you are trying to get the best hair replacement system for yourself. Here we provide three options about how to choose the hair color.

1Send us your own hair samples

It is the best way to get the same colored hair and then we can provide the most natural look for you.
If your hair color is symmetric on the whole head, please send us a single piece of the sample with 100 to 200 hair strands which will make it easier for us to create a hair replacement system.
If your hair color doesn’t have the same texture, please send us the samples according to the following patches:

  • Front: At the hairline or bang area (if possible)
  • Top: The front, top of your head (if possible)
  • Crown: The back, top of your head (if possible)
  • Temples: At the front most part of your hair on the sides
  • Sides: Approximately 1-2" above the top of your ear
  • Back: As close to the center of the back of your head as possible


We have different color samples in the form of rings and swatches. We can send you the chart with our shades if you want, and then you can choose the color which suits you and your hair well.
The samples shall be checked under both natural and artificial light so you can know the exact shade. Also, once you are done, return us the chart (please make sure the chart is in good condition) and we will refund the amount to you.
You might have shade charts of other companies, but the shade charts from different companies have totally different hair color samples, please notice this.



If the above options are too much trouble for you, you can refer to the color pictures.


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