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Top 8 Common Curly Hair Mistakes You May Be Making

It is crucial to take care of curly hair to ensure that it is full of life. You may have already paid special attention to caring for your curls in order to keep your hair textured, but there might be some mistakes you are making. To help you provide better protection of your curly hair, top 8 common mistakes you should avoid while taking care of curly hair have been gathered.

Mistake 1: Using a shampoo with sulfates

Sulfates can strip natural moisture of your hair and irritate scalp. As natural curly hair tends to be dry in nature, it is especially crucial to avoid using shampoo with sulfates while washing your curly hair. Hence, to prevent that your hair looks lifeless, sulfate-free shampoos are recommended for curly hair.

Mistake 2: Not using conditioners

Since curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair, it is particularly important to moisturize curly hair. Hydrating conditioners that are effective in adding nutrition and keeping curly hair moisturized should be used so that your curls will be happy and full of life.

Mistake 3: Not protecting curly hair against UV damage

Do you know UV rays can do harm to not only your skin but also your hair? Harmful UV radiation can sap your curly hair of strength and strip it of moisture so that your hair will ultimately become dry and brittle. This is why it is suggested that you apply a leave-in conditioner with multiple functions of offering moisture and nourishment and protecting hair against UV radiation.

Mistake 4: Combing through curly hair with a comb or brush

Do not use a comb to comb through your curly hair as this will cause the curls to separate. Comb through your hair with fingers when your hair is wet to ensure that your curls are knot-free. Keep in mind, brushing for curly hair should be minimized.

Mistake 5: Drying curly hair with a towel

Do not use a towel to dry it after you wash your curly hair now that it will cause frizz and separation to curls. Air-drying is the best solution to drying curly hair.

Mistake 6: Blow-drying curly hair incorrectly

If you have curly hair, it’s better to refrain from blow-drying which could cause hair to be dry and frizzy. If you have to blow-dry, a diffuser attachment should be used to help reduce frizz by limiting the amount of heat that will hit the strands of your hair and distributing the heat evenly.

Top 8 Common Curly Hair Mistakes You May Be Making

Mistake 7: Over-cleaning

Over-cleaning could pull moisture from hair, making your hair dry and even leading to breakage. It is suggested that you should shampoo your curly hair 1-2 times a week to have textured hair, but the frequency of hair shampooing is totally dependent on your preference.

Mistake 8: Not protecting your hair with the right pillowcase

The wrong pillowcase could also pull moisture from your hair and cause tangling or breakage. Apart from protecting hair in the daytime, it is essential to provide protection for your curly hair at night. A cotton pillowcase can pull moisture from hair. To guarantee sufficient protection of your curly hair, a silk pillowcase that helps maintain moisture and minimize tugging is a must-have.

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