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Wigs 101: Do Lace Front Wigs Cause Hair Loss


Many people have this kind of worry that wearing a wig will lead to hair loss. There are also related articles on the Internet claiming that wearing a wig often makes the hair isolated from fresh air and sunlight and accelerates the hair loss. Is that true? No, this is actually a MYTH! Let’s go in depth.

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Do Lace Front Wigs Cause Hair Loss

Lace front wigs do not cause hair loss or breakage with proper lace front wig installation, removal and hair care practices. On the contrary, wearing lace front wigs actually comes with benefits. It can protect the biological hair underneath. As we all know, washing and styling hair will cause hair damage or breakage, but there are many people still view them as a fundamental part of daily haircare regimen. With lace front wigs, it doesn’t matter how oily biological hair looks underneath, which gives a break from the harmful heat-styling tools and chemicals that come from many styling creams, gels, and pomades.

As mentioned above, any hair damage you might be experiencing while wearing a front lace wig often has more to do with your application, removal and hair care practices rather than the wig itself. There are actions you can take not to trigger hair damage.



How to Wear a Lace Front Wig—Without Damage

  1. Get a good fitting wig: The correct cap size of lace front wigs is very important. The standard cap size is 22-22.5 inch.  If your wig is too small, it could be too tight on your scalp and tug on your hair.
  2. Secure your natural hair before wearing wig: Try to braid or wrap your hair to your scalp to create a flat surface.
  3. Use the right adhesive: There are adhesives made specifically for securing lace fronts in place. Before wearing a wig, do a patch test to ensure you’re not allergic to the glue you’re using. When using an adhesive for your lace frontal, remember to apply just enough to create a tacky environment before installing your hair unit.
  4. Take care of your hair beneath: You should continue to take good care of your own hair while wearing a wig. Don’t be tempted to skip washing and conditioning your hair just because it’s not on show. Your hair should be well-looked after as well as being still taken for regular trims to help it grow. After cleansing your hair and scalp, thoroughly dry your hair. Allowing your scalp to remain moist underneath your wig causes problems.
  5. Remove your wig after six weeks: No matter how much you are enjoying your lace frontal, try to avoid wearing it for greater than four to six weeks. This is just a guideline. Once the six week time period is up, it’s time to remove the wig and give your hair the post-wig attention it needs in the form of thorough cleansing, deep conditioning and moisturizing.

Bottom Line:

Remember, lace front wigs do not cause hair loss, but improper care can! So give your wig the love it deserves and it will love you back!

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