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How to maintain a curly hair system

The type of Curly both for men and women

How to maintain curly on hair replacement system

How to maintain your synthetic hair system

How to maintain your own curly hair

The type of curly

The following is a guide to the types of curls that are expressed in a spectrum of curl types, so it is necessary to categorize and understand your curls to make the most of it!

1.For men

It is important to select the correct curl/wave to blend your own hair perfectly. Here is HairBro’s guide on men’s system curl & wave

There are 8 types of curly for men:

● Straight

Straight is absence of curls.

This hair type ranges from thin and brittle to coarse and thick, but remains resistant to curl. For 99% of men, this is not a reasonable option, because if the hair is not long enough to add weight and make it look natural, it will be straight.

● Body Wave (36mm)

1-1/2 inch rod size will open to approximately 3 inch wave.

This very light bend will definitely not work well for a brush back style. If you cut your hair short, it will look straight.

● Slight Wave (32mm)

1 inch rod size will open to approximately a 2 inch wave.

The style of the curl is a wave style. Those who like curly hair can cut curl it like this.

● Medium Wave (25mm)

7/8 inch rod size will open to approximately 1-3/4 inch wave.

This medium wave is one of the most common waves.

● Tight Wave (19mm)

In this style 3/4 inch of rod size will open about 1/2 inch of wave.

This wave hairstyle is very famous, it gives people a very fashionable and fashionable feeling.People who like their hair wavy can use this style.They're going to love this style.

● Loose Curl (15mm)

5/8 inch rod size will open to around 1-1/4 inch curl.

If this is cut shorter than two inches most of the curl is cut out.

● Tight Curl (10mm)

3/8 inch rod size is curly and will open to 3/4 inch curl.

This kind of curl is best for those who like a lot of curls.Finally, depending on the quality of your hair, curls can end up in waves.

● Medium Afro (4mm)

It is a slightly looser curl which has 3/16 inch rod size.

This type of curl is for the women who don’t want to have heavy curls in their hair. This curl is really complicated.

2.For women

Everyone falls within the spectrum of straight, wavy, curly, very curly or kinky hair. The degree of curl depneds on the number of bonds between keratin in the hair stem: the more bonds, the stronger the texture. On the other hand, the fewer chemical bonds, the straighter the hair.

● Straight. Straight is absence of curls.

This hair type ranges from thin and brittle to coarse and thick, but remains resistant to curl.


● Wavy hair. This type of hair reflects a good shine and is very elastic, despite being the curl hair type most prone to frizz.

● 2A: Type 2A hair is fine and thin, and is relatively easy to straighten or curl using heated tools.

● 2B: Type 2B hair has waves that tend to adhere to the shape of your head.

● 2C: Type 2C hair is fairly coarse and frizzes easily.

● Curl hair. Curly hair follows either an ‘s’ or ‘z’ pattern, or some variation in between. It is prone to tangles, breakage, dryness and frizz.

● 3A: Type 3A hair is very shiny and loose with curls the size of a large sidewalk chalk.

● 3B: Type 3B hair has a medium amount of curls, ranging from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews, where curls are the size of a marker.

● Tight hair. While tight hair may give the appearance of being coarse and strong, it is actually the most fragile of all hair curl types. The wiry strands may have a zigzag pattern or show no pattern at all. This hair type experiences extreme dryness and requires constant protection and hydration.

● 4A: Type 4A hair is full of tight coils, forming an ‘S’ pattern when stretched, much like Type 3 curly hair.

● 4B: Type 4B hair has a less-defined pattern of curls, and looks more like a ‘Z’ as the hair bends with very sharp angles.

How to maintain curly on hair replacement system

When most customers buy hair systems, they specify a certain degree of curvature.But when they try to create a hairstyle, then the curl will be very unpredictable. Curl hair can sometimes become loose, curly, ot tangled. So if you do not want the hair to lose its beauty, it becomes very important to maintain your curls or waves of the hair system.

With proper care and daily maintenance, you may extend the life of your hair and have the beautiful look you want.

What we can do?

1.Place a hair system correctly

Whether it's a hair system that you've been wearing or a hair system that you don't use for a long time, it shouldn't be left in a place carelessly when you're not using it. On the contrary, it should be put on a hair system stand to keep the shape of hair. If you have several systems at home, and you will not use them for a long time, we recommend you put these systems in a bag or box to avoid dust which will cause tangles in the hair.

2.Stay away from high temperatures

Please be noted that the hair on the hair system is already dead, so it doesn’t have a constant supply of nutrients. If you want to use a hairdryer to dry the hair on the system to make it fluffy and in a good shape, it is useless. Also, the high temperature from the hair dryer will reduce the natural moisture of hair by 2% to 3%, it will make the hair fragile, destroy the fibrin of the hair, and make the hair dry and rough. So try not to use a hair dryer. Leave it dry in the air.

3.Avoid secondary styling

For curly hair systems, the hair is definitely been treated with chemicals, such as acid, bleached and undergone high-temperature dyeing and perming. Therefore, it is more fragile than before, it can not withstand more chemical processing. If you do secondary styling of your system, the lifespan will be shortened.


4.Wash the hair system correctly

A.Remove the hairpiece tape and glue residual, rinse under medium warm running water, then in a bowl of clean warm water add some shampoo.

B.Using mild shampoo. While applying shampoo, don’t apply it directly to your hair wig, add the appropriate amount shampoo in the warm water. People are confusing about cold water or warm water using to wash wigs. Warm water (about 77-86°F) is recommended, as water above 86°F may deform the human hair wig and make your wig lost the firmness of elasticity and cold water cannot melt the shampoo and conditioner well.

C.Apply the correct amount of conditioner from the top of your head to the bottom. Make sure to spread it evenly all over your hairpiece, avoiding getting too close to the roots. Wait a few minutes, then rinse with running water.

D.Dry it. Blot dry your hair by gently pressing or patting the hair with a cotton towel. Do not rub your hair! Remember use the cool air set instead of hot air. Or you can air it on the balcony, but avoid the sun direct shine on your hair system.

5.Comb or brush correctly

Properly brushing the hair replacement system is very important since excess force can make the hair break. By brushing your hair every day to prevent tangles can help your hair system last longer. We recommend you brush your hair at least once a day, and not too much. Excessive brushing is the one of the major factors that causes excessive hair loss of the hair replacement system.

In terms of equipment, we recommend you use a large wide-toothed comb or soft 100% boar bristle brush to brush your hair replacement system. especially for small curls, like kinky curls, yaki curls, and Afro curls. If the hair is relatively long, you should divide the hair into several segments. Comb gently from the hair tips and gradually move up. If the hair is relatively long, you should divide the hair into several segments. Comb gently from the hair tips and gradually move up.

There is also a specific time to brush your hair. Only do it when it is completely wet or completely dry. Anything in between means that your hair replacement system may be damaged. Be careful with synthetic grey hair as it can tangle very easily if it becomes frizzy.

6.Use oil regularly

Hair conditioner and hair oil are two completely different things. Hair conditioner can make washed hair smooth, but not firm. Hair oils, on the other hand, not only smooth the hair, but also nourish and restore the texture of the hair. Use hair oil every one to two weeks and your hair system will last longer.

Here we have some other tips:

1.You can use Sheen spray. Sheen spray is one of the most important ingredients to make hair shine and healthy. Before going to bed, spray a small amount of spray on the hair.

2.Buy products that are specifically designed for curly or wavy hair. These products help you keep the curls full, shiny and natural. Apply the product according to the label indications. Avoid using hair care products with high alcohol content, they will lead to breakage and hair shedding.

3.When you are ready to go out, avoid using a large amount of hair styling products, which can rob your hair of its natural vibrancy.

4.Put your hair into a ponytail, use a hair net or sleep with a silk scarf to help keep your hair curly while you sleep. If you wear a hair system in bed, you will need to use a silk pillowcase. Rough, cotton pillowcases can cause the hair to tangle and frizz. However, a silk pillowcase will help to keep the curls sleek and will help to keep their shape.

5.Please be noted that the smaller and coarser curls require more maintenance than larger, softer curls. So if you have samller curls, be sure to pay more attention to your hair and keep these tips in mind.

How to maintain your synthetic hair system

Most people up for human hair system, they will try to choose synthetic hair, then there are a few things that need to be aware of. If you blow dry your synthetic hair system, you end up straightening the hair, the hair will become very unrealistic with unnaturally strong strands of hair.

When the synthetic hair system becomes straight, what can we do to curl synthetic hair again?

1.Use curling iron

A.Get some curling irons and the exact king will depend on the curls you create.

B.Heat the iron to around 80°C.

C.Curl your hair with an electric iron and wait two or three seconds.

D.Gently remove the iron from your hair, but press your fingers down on it until it is completely cool. Please be noted not to pull on the hair before it has fully cooled down, the hair will become straight easily again.

2.Use foam rollers

Things needed:

The hair system stand, or others things that can fix the hair system.

Foam Rollers (T-Pins to fix the steamer)


A.Pin a Foam Roller to Your Hair System. Use a T-Pin to pin an appropriately-sized foam roller to your hair system.

B.Wrap Small Sections of Hair Around the Roller.

C.Secure the Ends with Paper. The paper towels I used do two things: first, they help the hair underneath that lays on either side of the pin to lay smooth. Second, they prevent a little kink from forming under the pin.

D.Apply Steam to Your Synthetic Hair to Curl It.

E.Allow Synthetic Hair to Dry for at Least 12 Hours. Here’s where patience is a virtue! You’ll need to allow between 12-24 hours for the curl to dry and cool. If you’re in a hurry, allow it to cool on its on for as long as possible, then take a blow-dryer on the COOL setting and apply it to the synthetic hair.

F.Release the Curl and Be Amazed. Carefully unpin the bottom of the hair (be careful, those T-pin suckers are sharp!) and pull the foam roller away from your synthetic hair.

G.Adjust the Curl. Use one hand to gently pull down on the curl, and use the other to lightly apply some steam to it. Here’s what we end up with. The curl on the left is without relaxing.

How to maintain your own curly hair

Just like the skin, the hair also needs your careful maintenance, especially curly hair. Treat your hair as you would do with your child, turn it into manageable curls.

How to take care of curly hair?

A.Apply pre-shampoo to your dry hair

Maybe it is foreign to some, but applying pre-shampoo to your dry hair is a great way to take care of your curly hair. Instead of blisters on the shampoo as usual, you can apply the shampoo where it needs to be cleaned. For example, you can apply it only to your dry scalp around the hairline and nape, which is more oily. Because curly hair tends to tangle easily, this method can help you control the curls and detangle it well. Leave it at least 20 minutes. Cover your hair with a shower cap or towel as needed.

B.Skip daily wash

Wash hair daily will stretch and dry out your thirsty strands. Curly hair does not need to be washed as regularly as straight hair. After shampoo your hair, please do not forget to condition the hair.

C.Nourish with conditioner

No matter what your curly hair types are, a nourishing serum is your best companion. Due to the kinds of your curly hair, natural oils struggle to reach the hair ends, so it is usual when natural curly hair is dry. Apply more conditioner to the ends of your hair so it doesn't stick to the roots. Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute it evenly.

D.Leave your natural tresses air dry or use a diffuse

After shampooing your natural tresses, don’t use a dry towel to dry it since this only causes frizzy hair. However, pat and gently squeeze the excess water with a towel.Then let the hair dry naturally.

E.Minimize brushing

It's the same thing as a hair system, we recommend you use a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair. Start at the ends of the hair and move up to avoid damage and breakage. Keep in mind that the more gentle and patient you are, the better you take care of your hair. Brushing too aggressively for your curly hair can pull out natural curls and causes frizz.

F.Using styling produces on wet hair

Apply styling products(foam rollers) on your natural tresses when your hair is still wet. This helps lock in the moisture and keep your curls elastic and luxuriant at any time. Only need 5 minutes, can let curl get sufficient nourishment.Repeat the tip weekly.

G.Lay off the heat

Try to quit using heat styling tools. Set your hair in rollers and let it set overnight to keep the shape, or let it dry naturally.

Whether you sleep with a hair system or just your own curly hair, we recommend you choose a satin pillowcase. It prevents your hair from getting frizzy or flat.

I.Get a trim every 6-8 weeks

Whether your hair is straight, slightly wavy, curly or kinky curly, you need to trim the hair regularly to remove split ends and breakage. With curly hair, the ideal time to trim hair is every 6-8 weeks. The men’s hair will be healthy as they cut the hair more often.

Here we have 3 tips you need to keep in mind:

1.Hydration is Key. Keratin is a protein found in hair that enhances dryness while smoothing out the cuticle, reducing frizz, increasing shine, and improving manageability - perfect for waves and curls.

2.Define Curls and Lock in Shine. while wavy and curly hair tends to have more volume than straight hair, they can also flatten out. Using hairspray on wet or dry hair will help define your waves and give you the texture and volume everyone craves for a healthy bounce.

3.Leave it Alone. After styling, keep your hands and tools off your hair to prevent messing up the styling effects. Messing with your curly hair will inevitably lead to frizziness, flyways and tangles.