Hair systems are available for various types with different materials and fabrics, but primarily they can be divided into four:

1. Full lace base hair system:

Lace base hair systems are the best one when it comes to durability and also they provide a real look to the user. Lace system base is light and breathable, because the air can pass through mesh. Various laces are available in the market and we have Swiss lace, French lace, and Mono lace.

For the durability: Mono lace > French lace > Swiss lace

For the reality: Swiss lace > French lace > Mono lace

2. Base with lace in front

Few lace systems are combination of both durability and natural appearance, the front base lace system is one of such hair systems. The lace material is used in the front and in the side hairline area only. However, sometimes it can be bit problematic as different materials are used for hair system so the stitching areas and joints can create little uneasiness for the wearer.

3. Full skin system base

The color of full skin base is transparent which makes it quite invisible. Additionally, it is very easy to apply for the new wears However, it is less breathable than lace base because there is no spaces or pores. The thinner base can provide the more undetectable appearance. The durability depends on the thickness of the system base. 0.03mm thin skin hair systems can last 8-10 weeks. 0.05 mm thin skin hair systems can last 2-4 months. 0.08mm thin skin hair systems can last 5-8 months.

4. Conventional hair system

The oldest and the most used hair systems are these ones which are unbeatable when it comes to durability. Polyurethane linings in the sides are used with the mesh material. It is kind of thick and durable. However, when it comes to appearance it can’t provide the same look and appearance as the other hair systems. So, this hair system is kind of less preferred than others.

After knowing well about the different types of hair systems, you may have an idea what are the exact specifications of them. Now, according to the durability and reality, you can pick the one you need. Hair systems need maintenance and care. So, if you want the longer lifespan of hair system, it depend on how you use it and take care of it.

In case of any doubt or dilemma, we are always here to help you, so contact us and we will provide guidance.