Attachment Guide

Tape or Adhesive

Both the tape and adhesive work extremely well for attaching hair system. Things need to be considered when you choose between tape and adhesive, such as how oily your scalp is and your lifestyle. Our tape are adhesives are medical grade and perform excellently whether the client wants a prolonged hold of 2-4 weeks or a hold of 5-7 days.

1.Tape Attaching Guide

Using tape to attach your hair replacement system is an easy way to get a secure bond for both daily and extended wear. Below we'll show you how to apply tape to your hairpiece.

Step 1: Apply the toupee tape to the under part of the base of the hair system. Start by finding a contour that matches the shape of the outer edge of your base. If there isn't a contour that matches, simply cut a strip from an adhesive roll to fit.

Step 2: Spray a light mist of alcohol on the tape and to your scalp where the tape will be placed. This will allow you to align the system before the adhesive on the tape takes hold.

Step 3: Carefully and slowly place the unit onto your head. Once the unit is on your head, adjust it into place and carefully apply pressure to all the tape areas. Now your hair system is secure, bonded with hairpiece tape and ready to wear for styling.

Step 4: Finally, spray a light mist of water over the hair, followed by a few pumps of a spray on conditioner. These conditioners will help your hair system to stay soft and supple. Simply brush to blend in with your own hair and you are finished.

2.Adhesive Attaching Tips

There are many different ways to use bonding adhesives. Here we list some helpful tips to help you achieve the strongest and most secure bond possible.

  • Always clean, shave and properly prepare your scalp before using adhesive
  • When applying the liquid adhesive, only use thin, even coats. 
  • If more adhesive is desired use thin multiple coats, but make sure the previous coat is dry before applying the next coat.
  • For best results, when attaching a polyurethane system, use a corresponding coat or coats on the scalp as well as the system. Additionally, it is essential to make sure that the adhesive is completely dry before placing your hair system.
  • Never attempt to apply liquid bond directly to a lace system. 

3.Extended Wear Hair System Attachment Tips

If you wear your hair system for more than one week at a time before taking it off, use the following tips for a stronger, longer-lasting bonding. Or, try our tips for daily wear attachment if you take your system off more than once a week.

  • Always clean and properly prepare your scalp before attaching the hair system.
  • No matter what type of adhesive you use, it’s important to apply red liner tape to the polyurethane surfaces as an undercoat to accommodate easy clean-up.
  • After working out or showering, the bond might seem like it is weakening which is expected. Although your hair system is still attached securely, the bond has softened a bit due to extra heat and moisture. Don't touch the hairpiece and when your body cools down, the bond will harden again.

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