What Should You Do After Dyeing Hair?




Most women are crazing about different dressing styles, of course, they are fond of changing hair style, too. Dye is really popular all over the world. Grey, red, pink, blond, burgundy, two tone color, omber color hair are well-liked by ladies in these two years. Yes, dye is gonna to be fashionable. But, if you want to try different styles and colors of hair that are fun, fancy, crazy, and cute, your hair can get easily damaged. How to keep dyed hair healthy? Let us find out some ways.


Brush Hair In A Right Way

Please choose wooden comb to brush your hair,wooden comb can reduce damager from static electricity. Brush your hair from hair ends to tops a little by a little,don’t force the drag your hair, it is easy to lead hair to break,especially when your hair is tangling. Don’t brush your hair much.Brushes are great to get out tangles and knots, but do not over brush, it will strip hair of natural oils and cause split ends.


Get A Wash Every Two Days.

It’s not good to clean hair in high frequency. Excessive washing of your hair can strip it of natural oils which are needed to keep you hair in best condition. After hair natural oils was striped, nutrition,moisture are easy lost from hair,the harmful substances in the air is easy to be caught in the hair. This applies to all hair types.


Protect Your Hair With DIY Remedies

Something by your side will be good material to protect the dye hair, for example, eggs. Get things like half an avocado, an egg, and 3 tbsp of olive oil to mix together. Then it’s time to give your hair do a mask which add nutrients, shine and softness to your hair. Brush the mixture from hair root to end and leave in for two hours, then rinse out in cold water using shampoo and conditioner. Just a easy process with cheap cost, you can keep dyed hair healthy.


Hair Treatment Is Necessary.

Choose a shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated for dyed hair, these specially formulated shampoos and conditioner can help damaged hair to lock the moisture and nutrition. An important factor to look for in a protecting color shampoo is pH. The lower the pH of a shampoo the better it will be at retaining color. A pH of over 5.5 will lift the cuticle of the hair allowing color molecules to escape. Acquire a shampoo with a pH of 5.5 or under as this will help maintain. It is also a good idea to do a deep conditioning or a hot oil treatment on your hair once a week. Hair becomes exceptionally soft, smooth and shiny when you use special hair treatments. It can be a leave in treatment or a wash out treatment.


Above steps will help to make your dying hair more healthy, please follow the suggestion from hairbro.


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