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How To Attach The Hair Replacement System To Head


How to attach the hair replacement system to head? What kind of tools will you need? Is there any steps you should follow? Read it before you attach the hair replacement system to your head.
Actually, you should figure out whether it’s being attached to the scalp or to pre-existing hair or not before attaching the hair replacement system to the head. There is always an ultimate goal that the hair replacement system will stay firmly attach to the head and it will never move easy of every hair replacement system customers. However, it won’t be achieved successfully for this choice will damage your scalp or hairs underneath the hairpiece. So it’s very important to find a safe area where to avoid the place your real hair is growing.
Here are two common methods of how to attach the hair replacement system to head, one is is using double-sided adhesive tape and the another is having the hair system bonded to your scalp by a hair technician. And there is two side for every method to attach the hair to head. You should choose the right one according to personal preference.
Adhesive Tape
The bald will have a simple choose about having the double-sided adhesive tape because the area of the scalp is bald that the the hair system is to be attached easy. Adhesive tape helps fix the hair firmly to avoid to the embarrassments, and it’s also can be removed quick without residue. This also allows you to clean the scalp and system properly to avoid damage to follicles underneath the system. When removed, however, there can be a strip of sticky adhesive left on the scalp or hair system, which must be scraped off.
Technical Solution
If you try to make the hair replacement system waterproof, how about use a little more technical solution to adhere the hair replacement system to your scalp more permanent? Simply, it will realize by using a special liquid glue replace the adhesive tape to attach the hair piece to your scalp and it will last for almost a month or even long time. But, it can be removed by yourself. You should go to some technicians who attached it to your head before, that’s the reason why it also cost much than the adhesive tape. It should be admitted that the technical solution have less trouble than using adhesive tapes to attach the hair replacement systems everyday, but there are some hazards you will need to know and the high cost is not the only cons. Sometime, it’s not always good to keep the hair piece attach the scalp firmly, it may suffocate the blood circulation moving to any remaining hair follicles, thus causing you to lose more hairs. So it’s not a healthy way to attach the hair replacement system to head for a long time.
After choosing the right method of attaching it to head, you could follow these steps.

1. Make sure both the hair system base and scalp and completely clean.
2. Closely shave any existing hair on your scalp.
3. Clean your scalp with a gentle cleansing mask/scrub (readily available in Boots etc).
4. Wash your scalp and any existing hair in a mild, SLS free shampoo.
5. Thoroughly dry your scalp.
6. Remove one side of the double-sided tape.
7. Apply around the perimeter of the hair system.
8. Remove the other side of the double-sided tape.
9. Position the front of the hair system in place and carefully roll it back over your scalp, being very careful to avoid the hair being caught in the tape.
10. Secure the hair system in place by placing firmly over the taped areas to smooth over any possible bumps.

Then you got to know how to attach the hair replacement system to head, more practice means more experienced.

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