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How to Prevent Hair Color Fading


As summer approaches, the warmer air and sunshine are beginning to peak through to our skin and hair at the same time. Well, I believe very few people have not got the idea how to engage in sunscreen preparation. How about our hairs, just leaving them exposed to sinister sun and the hair color faded gradually? I know all your answers will be NO. So, how to prevent our hair color fading?

What is hair color fading anyway? Hair color fading, or professionally speaking, we also could call it Hair Oxidation, is a chemical reaction, to be more specific, harmful UV Rays from the sun can cause the hair color hues in your hair to turn orange or red, though it is a gradual process. In other words, the chemical reaction causes color damage to the out layer of the hair shaft anytime you’re outside, for both human and synthetic hair.

How does hair color fading happen? When your hair system begins to take on a red hue or color tint, which could be regarded as a direct result of losing the green color pigments in the hair shafts of a hairpiece, as these color pigments are exposed to the elements and the outer layer of hair follicles are peeled back.

While you are spending more time outside, playing golf, for example, or swimming in pools, all can quicken the hair color fading process. Why? If playing golf, that means the molecules of your hair system are exposed to UV light; if swimming in pools with chlorine or even in salty sea water, the elements, both chlorine and salt are acted as a color remover, will help you to loosen the hair color molecules from your hair.

How to prevent hair color fading? An ounce of prevention equals to a pound of protection. We all know and are sure about we are not able to stay indoors 100% of the time, so we will always face hair color fading or hair oxidation issues. If no actions are taken, all of a sudden you will find that your beautiful hair color becomes brassy, red and no longer blends with the own natural tone. So does this mean that your hair system is ruined? No… not at all. When you are golfing, etc. you could consider wearing a hat or baseball cap from the day to protect your hair system from direct UV sunlight and extend the time it takes to fade or oxidize. When you are spending a lot of time at the beach or in the pool, you could consider wearing swim cap or bandana if you feel swim cap is too tight and would damage your hair replacement system; moreover, you need to rinse your hair really well with cool water, the way you get the salt or chlorine rinsed out. And be sure to shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly once you return home to keep your hair looking its best.

What else can be done to avoid hair color fading? For man and women wearing a hair replacement system for example, luckily there have tons of shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays and other styling products out there to help ward off dreadful sun rays and deal with hair color fading as these products contain UV protectors to block most of harmful rays and even antioxidants to help neutralize the process entirely.

Another tip? Even though the summertime is the time hair color fading happens the quickest, it still happens through the rest of the year. Hair protection preparations are always on line.

Have questions/concerns about hair color fading, or a few others about hair replacement system, or tips of your own, please let me know in the comments below.

As always, happy hair days!

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