Curl & Wave

Body Wave (36mm)

1-1/2 inch rod size will open to approximately 3 inch wave.

When it is cut short, it will appear very straight.

Slight Wave (32mm)

1 inch rod size will open to approximately a 2 inch wave.

The style of the curl is a wave style. Those who like the wave the curl they can so this curl.

Medium Wave (25mm)

7/8 inch rod size will open to approximately 1-3/4 inch wave.

This medium wave is one of the most common waves.

Tight Wave (19mm)

In this style 3/4 inch of rod size will open about ½ inch of wave. This pattern of wave is very famous and it gives a very stylish and trendy look. People who love to curl their hair in the wavy style they can use this style. It is sure that they will love the style.

Loose Curl (15mm)

5/8 inch rod size will open to around 1-1/4 inch curl. If this is cut shorter than two inches most of the curl is cut out.

Tight Curl (10mm)

This curl is the best for the person who loves heavy curls. 3/8 inch rod size is curly and will open to 3/4 inch curl. At the end the curl can end up with the wave depending upon the quality of your hair.

Medium Afro (4mm)

It is a slightly looser curl which has 3/16 inch rod size. This curl is for the women who don’t want heavy curl in their hair. This curl is really sophisticated.

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