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How to Find A Local Stylist

How to Find A Local Stylist

  • How to find a stylist experienced with hair systems?
  • Questions to ask when you find a stylist
  • Appointment day reminders

A professional stylist is really helpful for certain aspects of wearing hair, like cutting in your hair system, trimming your growing hair, and doing color touch-ups on both.

The search for a stylist can be intimidating, but you shouldn’t give up before you get started! There are many stylists who can cut in your hair system even if they don’t have previous experience with a hair system, especially if you have long hair.

How to find a stylist experienced with hair systems?

1Internet search

It is easy to find a stylist with a good reputation with the help of the Internet as long as you enter the key search terms in the search engine. Type the service you want before your town which will return more hair replacement salons versus standard hair salons.

google search

2Hair loss forums

A quick Internet search for “hair loss forums” is also very helpful. You are able to ask other hair wearers for a recommendation in your local area. You can also inquire about whom to avoid.

internet search


Barbershops sometimes have stylists who can handle wigs or hairpieces. If they cannot help you, ask them if they know someone who can or might be interested.

barber shop


  • Will you cut in a hair system that was not purchased in your salon?
  • Ask if they will cut in a hair s system that was not purchased from them. If they won’t, ask for a referral.
  • Do you have a private space?
  • If you want to keep it private, ask if they have a private space in their salon. If not, ask if they can come to your home to provide service to you during off-hours at the salon.
  • How much does it cost?
  • If you need multiple services, such as having your biological hair cut and colored as well as having your hair system cut in, remember to ask what the costs will be for each service.


  • Come prepared
  • Communicate clearly
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Bring a photo of the hairstyle you are trying to achieve so the stylist has a visual.
  • Be sure you choose a hairstyle that is manageable with a hair system and works with your own hair color and face shape.
  • Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to speak up. You just need to be open, honest, and persistent. If you do not want to sit in a stylist’s chair to have your hair cut and styled, we can offer the cut-in service with the purchase of your hair system. If your hairstyle is not easy to achieve at the factory, we will let you know.

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