Top 10 countries with high rate of hair loss 

Hair loss is a common phenomenon, and not many people around you are losing their hair, so why is that. This article will tell you the ten countries with the highest rate of hair loss and the causes of hair loss, I hope the content of the article can help you to some extent.

1. Czech Republic

With a baldness rate of 42.79%, the Czech Republic is the world's most balding country.

The Czech Republic is the number one country in the world for meat in the daily diet because it is a "heavy" country! The Czech people not only love to eat meat, but also like to have less vegetables, and more sauces and high salt content. The main reason for the thinning hair of Czech men, according to experts, is that their diet is not very healthy, they love meat, salty soups and alcohol, which stimulates their hair too much!


2. Spain

Spain ranks second in the world with 42.60% and is also a country with a very high baldness rate.

As a developed country, Spain has excellent water quality and healthy food, and it is said that Spaniards have too much olive oil intake because the water quality is too good, which has irreversible adverse effects on the hair follicles over time, which is why the baldness rate is so high.


3. Germany

Germany ranks third in the world with a baldness rate of 41.24%.

Germans are strict and pragmatic and work meticulously, perhaps because they are so serious that their brain cells die in the research of contributing to their work and how to maintain order, after all, their mantra is Alles In Ordnung (everything is in order).


4. France

France ranks fourth in the world with a baldness rate of 39.24%.


5. Britain

The UK is in fifth place in the world with a 39.23% baldness rate.

That's because hard water contains a buildup of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. This produces a film on the hair, making it difficult for moisture to penetrate. As a result, the hair is left dry and prone to breakage. Leave these issues unresolved and it could even lead to hair loss.


6. The United States

The United States ranks sixth in the world with a baldness rate of 39.04%.

Americans consume more food high in sugar and oil, and it is known that Americans usually take drugs that are sweet, which can affect their hair follicles to some extent.


7. Italy

Italy ranks seventh in the world with a baldness rate of 39.01%.


8. Poland

Poland ranks eighth with a baldness rate of 38.84%.


9. The Netherlands

The Netherlands ranks ninth in the world with a baldness rate of 37.93%.

In addition to baldness, the Netherlands has a "world's best", that is, the average height of Dutch people is the world's first, the average height of men reached 1.9 meters, the average height of women reached 1.7 meters, known as the "Kingdom of Giants". May be too high, nutrition can not supply the hair, so "bald".


10. Canada

Canada is ranked tenth in the world with a baldness rate of 37.42%.   

The pace of life in Canada is very slow, leisurely and comfortable. This may be related to the geographical location, most of Canada belongs to the temperate coniferous climate, the temperature is low, the climate is cold, the human body circulation is slow, the metabolic rate is low, then there are more immigrants, most of them are British, French, German and other countries of descent, baldness rate also got genetic.


European hair loss is common, which is related to the geographical location, climate, life style and diet of Europe. The best way to avoid these problems is to eat lightly and exercise, not to be overly tired, and to reduce the frequency of staying up late. For more causes of hair loss, click here

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