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Hair Direction

The style of hair is very important to decide the type of hair system which will suit one's personality. People try to manage the hair in such a way so that they should look the most fashionable and stylish in the crowd. Choosing the best style for your hair is not an easy thing.

Here are some choices for your reference



It is probably the most popular hair direction of all the styles because it allows you to change the direction and parting at will.

2Left Parting

Left Parting

The style left parting is another normal style of the hair. If you want to release your hair-free then you can use this style. You can attach the hair with any fashionable clip. This will give you an extra stylish look to your face.

3Right Parting

Right Parting

Opposite of Left Parting.

4Center Parting

Center Parting

Hairs are attached in the normal way, but with a subtly pronounced parting down the middle of the scalp.

5Left Break

Left Break

Similar to Left parting, but the parting is indefinite and still covered with hair. The scalp is invisible at this part.

6Right Break

Right Break

Opposite of Left Break.

7Left Crown

Left Crown

The style of left Crown is made with the pronounced crown to the left of the scalp and the hair flowing outwards from it.

8Right Crown

Right Crown

Opposite of Left Crown.

9Center Crown

Center Crown

Some people have that pronounced center crown and you can request this as the main option of hairstyle.

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