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How to Attach a Women Wig

Our minds keep on changing. At one moment we want long hair like Rapunzel and at other times we desire a short hairstyle. And who doesn’t want to dye their hair in various colors and look fabulous like Clementine in the movie ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’? But then, yes, these experiments may not always be possible, given the frequency at which our minds change. So here lies the solution to all your problems – get a wig!

But how to put on a wig?

Wigs look natural and stay put if you know to put them on properly. You need to follow a few steps:

Step 1:

You need to have a wig, wig cap, and bobby pins. At first braid your hair, and then attach the braid to the crown of your head with bobby pins. Secure them with enough bobby pins so that they do not come out and stay in place.

women wigs

Step 2:

Put on a hair cap, preferably skin-colored. The hair cap will help you keep the braids in place and also prevent the bobby pins from sticking into the wig thus reducing discomfort.

Step 3:

Identify the front and the back of the wig, and then shake the wig so that it fluffs a little. Then place it gently over your head. The front of the wig should sit on the place from where your hairline starts. Never grab your wig by the hair – this will damage it; instead do the positioning by holding the base of the cap. To achieve a comfortable fit, tab the inside of your wig a little. Also, remember that you should never put your wig too tight.
To keep your wig from falling off you can use a cushion band or take the help of a wig gripper, toupee clips or adhesives, and tapes.

before & after

Points to notice while buying a wig:

  • Find the right size of your wig. Measure all around the head from front to nape and ear to ear across the forehead and then choose according to your size.
  • Choose the right color shade for yourself. See the color chart and pick according to what color suits you the best.

Take proper care of your wig:

Use only wig shampoo and wig conditioner to wash your wig and keep it clean. Never squeeze or wring your wig and be gentle while washing the hand-tied areas of the wig as they are fragile. Blot your wig with a towel and then place it on a wig stand to dry. Never brush your wig while it is wet. For hygienic purposes, wash your wig after every 7-8 wearing. Washing more frequently than that may damage the fiber.

So go ahead and look dazzling in those various wigs! Be it a short hairstyle or a long one, with correct styling people won’t be to turn off their eyes from you.