Nine Awesome Haircuts for Men with Round Face (2023)

When it comes to have a great hairstyle, choosing one that suits your face shape is essential. While haircuts that are right for your face will enhance your best features for a more handsome appearance, those that aren’t will look awkward and draw attention to the wrong details.

appearance, those that aren’t will look awkward and draw attention to the wrong details. With a round face, you want to stick with hairstyles that either elongate or add dimension and create some angles. You’re in luck: We’ve found 9 men’s haircuts for round faces that will satisfy your needs. Scroll through to find your next haircuts:

1. Classic Short Comb Over

With a beard, the classic cut helps add dimension to your face shape. Pull your hair back using a gel to lock your hairstyle in place.


2. Asymmetrical Style

The asymmetrical style can add dimension and depth to your hair while also creating a strong point of visual interest. By parting your hair an inch or two off center (to either side), you’ll de-emphasize the roundness of your face.


3. Side part

The side part is perhaps one of the most flexible haircuts for guys with round faces. It gives a timeless look that complements almost all outfits and personal styles. The side part is easy to get. You’ll want about 2 to 4 inches of hair on top of your head to make the parting easier. The sides should be buzzed, and the exact blade length is up to you.


4. Choppy Top

The choppy top is great for those who don’t want to look like they are trying too hard with their hair. It looks loose. It looks messy. It looks stylish with a round face.


5. Slicked Undercut

This haircut has the best of a lot of worlds. The low fade looks sharp with the grey hair. The slicked-back look means business. And there is just enough volume to make it look very modern.


6. Undercut and Curly Medium Crop

2020 is the year of the wet look for sure. Even more so for men with round faces. This undercut is well worn and the wet, curly medium crop on top makes sure the eyes go straight there.


7. Wavy Hairstyle

The wavy hairstyles for men allow the face to have more dimension around it. The texture of the waves makes the face have more shape. This style is particularly good for those who have a completely circular face and need something to offset the roundness to their face.


8. Short Spikes Hairstyles

Spikes also look fascinating on short hair. You don’t need thick, voluminous hair on top of your head to put on this look, though having it always helps. The spikes are created using hair gel. To add accentuation, trimming off the sides of your hair is recommended.


9. Side Swept

This style borrows elements of the side part and angular fringe hairstyles to create a third option. The side-swept hair will add asymmetry to your face and give you a flexible style. This long, side swept style doesn’t need much more than some shampoo and perhaps a little hairspray.