How To Measure Your Toupee Size?

It’s normal to see more and more people purchase various kinds of wigs to seek back their esteem and confidence for daily pressures which is not expected, especially to those younger men who never predict they will suffer hair loss in this age. Toupee is a kind of popular hair replacement system which is special designed for men. Different from a full hair replacement system, the toupee is just a part of wigs and fits men who lose part hair, which means if the man is not completely bald that he could wear a toupee with his own really hair. It’s important to choose a toupee fits your head, so you should know how to measure toupee size before get one if you want have a comfortable fit fora long time.



Start with wig size measurement to figure out what should to be listed before getting a nice wig or toupee. And yes, it should be much easier to know how to mean a toupee size after you go through a full cap measure. A picture will show you how to measure these parts and what you need to prepare before choose a toupee. To be notice that, a cloth tap is not a fit tool to measure your head for a toupee. Use a soft band to make a mark and measure the length will be better.


1. Circumference

The circumference should be the longest part of all the head. Use the band from the hairline at the middle of your forehead. Then use it run behind the ears, the next point is the nape of the neck and back to the start. Make a mark and use a rule to measure how long the distance is.



2.Front to Back

Run the soft band start from the middle of your forehead to the hairline at the nape of the neck. Don’t forget use it run through the center of the whole head. If you have little or no hair, lay your index, third, and ring finger flat against your forehead just about at the brow bone. At the top of the three fingers would be a good straight point.



3.Ear to Ear Over Forehead

Lay the brand from right ear and use it go through the middle of your forehead, the reach to the left ear. Use a rule to measure how long does it from left ear to right ear.


4.Temple to Temple

Start at your temple, and bring tape measure around the back of your head to reach the other temple.


Toupee Size Measurement

How to measure toupee size? Just two data are very important. Front to back is the length of base size. Side to side is the width of base size ( about 1” back from temple position), which normally should be the widest position. Only two steps to make sure you will have a comfortable toupee according to the accurate data. Please remember to write down the two data  in inches and offer them to online hair replacement system expert to find the toupee according to them.






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