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Buying a toupee for the first time will certainly make you feel difficult to choose, that is because there are many details you have not considered in place. The content down below will give you the answers, if there is more want to know can talk with us by Email or Whatsapp to consult.

1.Do YOU sweat a lot ?

Yes!--We recommend a more breathable base, such as lace with poly around, which is friendly to the beginner, and it can last 5-8 months

No!--We have durable skin base for your reference, it is thicker and can last longer than the thin ones.

2.Do YOU have oily skin

Most people haven't had to affect an issue like this since they were teenagers, but it really matters. Oil can affect the duration and strength of your bond, so you would like to make certain to settle on a robust liquid adhesive which will work skin base to offer you a uniform and reliable bond.

3.Glue,tape, or clips?

For poly systems, we suggest glue, it can spread evenly and flatly on the base, it can also fit the scalp very well. Sensi-tape is another choice which can be removed more easily than other tapes.

For lace systems we recommend tape, because the base is more like a dense net, the glue will penetrate into hair, it will burden your clean-up efforts.

If you still have much hair around, you can try to use clips, we have many options for you to choose, you can cut off the clips easily in case they don’t work well.

4.Period of adhesive replacement

This usually depends on the tape you are using, we recommend changing it once every two weeks, as the tape will dissolve over time and will be difficult to clean. But this does not mean change the tape frequently, especially the thin bottom of the net products, frequent replacement may lead to the bottom of the net broken or have hair loss.

5.What should you take if you want to make it live longer?

If you're counting on knowledgeable for all of your maintenance, or maybe only for attachment and removal, maybe you'll escape with a more delicate base material. If you propose to require care of everything yourself, you'll need a stronger material which will delay under your ham-fisted attempts to worry for it.

The following sheet is the lifespan of the toupees for your reference

0.03 mm thin skin hair systems 1- 2 months
0.05 mm thin skin hair systems 2 - 4 months
0.10 mm thin skin hair systems 4 - 6 months
0.15 mm thin skin hair systems 5 - 8 months
Swiss lace hair system 5 - 7 months
French lace hair system 6 - 9 months
Mono Lace hair system 7-12 months

If you want to know more about how to choose a toupee, please click here

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