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Highlights You may Need

Highlights are contrasting color strands in your hair.
They also give a brighter texture to the hair system and make them look completely natural



The traditional idea of highlights is subtle, evenly-laced streaks throughout the hair system.
This kind of highlighting gives the general appearance of lightness which brightens the overall color.Highlights are typically applied to a hair system by a checkerboard design that alternates the 2 different required colors. Or by having small circles of the highlighted color placed evenly throughout the system.



This form of highlighting is very bold streaks.
Depending on the look your desire, these streaks can be placed throughout the hair or just in the front/top/crown areas. This kind of highlight can also be used in a hair system in a 1 cm square checker board design or in a bold circle placed throughout the hair system.



The highlighting chunks become increasingly popular.
Comparing to the streaks and spotlights, this kind of highlighting is where there is a bigger, bolder streak or chunk of color used in specific deliberate places. Chunks require at least 1.5 cm square on a system base.

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