Bleach Knots

Our hair replacement systems designed with bleach technique are absolutely amazing. They look pretty natural in every aspect. They hide the hairline completely, and seem as of growing naturally from the scalp. They are 100% undetectable.

Bleached knots is achieved by using a chemical process in which hair lightening product is applied the hair knots only to lift the hair color anywhere from 2 to 6 shades. Bleached knots enhance the goodness of the hair system. There are many people who prefer having knots towards the front contour. With bleached knots hair system, one can have artificial front hairline


-          Provide more natural looking

-          It make the hair appear as though it is growing from your scalp


-          Bleaching will weaken the knots which make the hair shed faster

-          The knots on jet black hair cannot be bleached all

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