Repair Service

In addition to ordering a new hair system, you can choose the repair service to extend the life of your hair system and save you a few money by sparing you the cost of a new hair system. Here is a few options you can choose:

1. Add hair (even gray!)

We offer several services that can help restore the life and vitality to your system. One of the options id adding hair to a healthy hair system. We can even add gray hair to a system so it will age with you. If you notice that you have more gray natural hair, you can increase the gray percentage of hair in your system for blending purposes.

2. Detangle and deep condition

As time goes on, all hair system will lose their luster. Hair may become dry, brittle, faded and tangled. We can totally handle this! Our staff work hard to restore the vibrancy of your color and replenish moisture and elasticity with deep conditioning treatment. They can even tame those dreaded tangles without fear.

3. Precision cut-in service

Additionally, our factory also provides cut-in services. An in-house cut-in perfect if you don’t have an easily accessible stylist in your area, or for making some additional adjustments to a style that’s already been cut in. In addition to styling and maintenance, our factory is also able to make adjustments such as bleaching knots, reworking a wave/curl, and correcting color. However, there are some limitations, therefore it’s always better to allow us to evaluate your system before assuming it can be fixed.