Template & Samples

What are templates and samples?

Templates and samples are for the convenience of the customers only so we can provide the right shape of the hair system and right color of the hair system as per the customers demand. The hair samples and templates are to be sent by the customers.

Below is the step wise procedure to take hair samples and the templates:


It is important that we get the hair samples as they help us to dye the hair system in exact color you want. Hair color is not easy to describe and a slight change in shade can be troublesome for you and that’s why a photo taken can also be misleading. Every individual have different shade and in fact you yourself have three to four different shades of hair color. So, in that case sending us the hair samples will help us to create the best hair system for you.

To take sample choose 100 to 200 hair strands of 2 – 3 cm long.

If the hair color is spread even on your head send us single sample but as told if there are different shades of hair color than do send us the samples in following way.


- The front bangs, if possible is the clause.

- Top, that is middle top of the head.

- The crown part that is the back part of middle head which is slightly high.

- Front sides of your head called temples.

- The side bangs above the ears.

- Back part of the head which is lower extreme of head.


Mark each sample clearly with the description like top, temple, sides etc clearly which will help us for easy specification. And, also send the sample of clean hair for easy color identification.

NOTE: Sending photos of samples will not solve the purpose as the photos can’t differentiate the original color and that is why help us by sending the original color. Because, the texture of hair is very different in the artificial light and also in sunlight and in such situation using the photos will obviously create problem for your hair color.


The procedure to create the hair template is quite tough so read the instructions carefully and then understand. Template shall be made carefully without the disturbance as that will help for the exact shape of your head.

Templates are the models which help us to know which part of your head is demanding for hair replacement. It is structure of you head. Below is the detailed procedure of the template procedure:

Step 1: 

Cellophane film is of use; just spread it till the widths of your shoulder hold it to the area where there is no hair loss which will be approximately 3 inches.

Step 2:

Keeping the originally placed cellophane to the portion of healthy hair, place the cellophane to the top of head.

Step 3:

Now, remove the remaining cellophane and hold the front of the cellophane at the front head tightly and twist the remaining cellophane towards the back tightly as possible without destructing the shape.

Step 4:

Contour the cellophane in the form of complete head cap.

Step 5:

Now, remove the creases on the cellophane by holding the ends of the cellophane at the back as tightly as possible so that a proper shape can be achieved.

Step 6:

Little slack will still be there so just add pressure to cellophane and remove them in order to achieve the right shape.

Step 7:

Repeat the process for removing the slacks above the ear portion.

Step 8:

Apply the scotch tape now.

Step 9:

First scotch tape will be put in the back head downwards to the centre of the head.

Step 10:

Now, place the scotch next to the previous scotch tape overlapping for strong pasting.

Step 11:

Put the scotch tapes from the extreme bottom covering the front completely till the eyebrows over the cellophane sheet.

Step 12:

Leave the ends of scotch tape a bit on the flesh that will help you to give easy hold.

Step 13:

Continue the pasting of the scotch tape on the cellophane that will help you to contour the template easily.

Step 14:

Also, leave few ends of scotch tapes towards the sides and over the ears also.

Step 15:

Changing the direction of scotch tape paste the tape from one ear to ear on the top middle of the head. The tape should be pasted exactly above the ear.

Step 16:

You will notice that the mould of bald area is being created.

Step 17:

Again star pasting the scotch tape on the forehead over the eyebrows.

Step 18:

Now the whole perimeter of the head on the cellophane shall be covered with the scotch tape to give the perfect shape.

Step 19:

Take a four fingers gap on the forehead as shown and mark that place.

Step 20:

Mark the line over the crown area from the last mark point over the forehead area.

Step 21:

Mark the hairline over the cellophane sheet meeting to the points of healthy hair. The benefit of using the scotch tape and cellophane sheet is that , the health hair part is clearly visible to you.

Step 22:

Now, remove the shaped template so create carefully.

Step 23:

Cut the remaining sides of the template, which is marked with the marker.

Step 24:

Cut it carefully, so that the marked side is not destroyed.

Step 25:

Now, fold the template in  such a way that it is the half of the original.

Step 26:

Cut the structure above the marked lines without touching the inner lines/

Step 27 :

Also, cut the additional scotch tape.

Step 28:

Place the mould on the head to check the structure from front, sides and back.

Step 29:

On placed mould draw the arrows in the hair direction of growing hair to tell how the hair growth is.

Step 30:

Remove it and a perfect hair template is ready, obviously a need of assistant is necessary.

Now, a complete mould of your head is ready, mark the template in the following way:

B: for the back of the head

F: for the front head

Also, inscribe your name properly with the complete arrow detailing as the hair growth directions and which side of parting you want.