You need to add a certain amount of gray hair to your hair system, If your original hair was mixed with gray hair.This can offer you a natural look.

 If you would like to add gray hair in your hair system, please inform us the gray percentage.

 Gray percentage is the amount of gray hair in your hair system vs. another color (i.e. 70% black 30% gray hair system).

Gray percentage plays an important role in achieving an age-appropriate hair color appearance.

 You can control the exact amount of gray hair to be mixed with your own hair color. And where you would like the gray hair to be added is also up to you.

 There are eight main areas where you can add gray hair (front, top, crown, back, left temple, right temple, left side and right side).

Clients usually order a larger percentage of gray hair through the sides to replicate the natural growth pattern of gray hair.

 If you can provide the right amount of gray hair that you want in the sample, then you don’t need to specify the percentage of gray hair.

we can simply match the percentage of gray hair in the sample.

 However, if you are unsure of the percentage of gray hair, you are advised to order a Grey Percentage Chart with us. This will give you an accurate visual indication of how much gray you should request on your order form. When you have selected the gray percentage, please return the chart with your order details and we will refund or credit this amount towards your purchase.

You can choose synthetic hair or human hair for your gray hairs.

Human hair systems will reflect light better than synthetic hair and look more natural in sunlight. But human hair is prone to color fading.

Synthetic hair can’t be colored as easily as human hair. So having a dual human/synthetic hair system allows you to color correct the human hair in your system without changing the gray percentage hair in your system.

Question example:

“I have both human black and gray hair in your system. I notice that my hair color has faded from the sun this summer. With an all-human black/gray hair system, I can’t color the black hair only without coloring the gray, what should I do?”

Solution: Use the right amount of color-resistant synthetic gray in your hair system. The rest, you can still stick on human black. Then you can color the black hair without damage to the gray strands!