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Curl & Wave

Style: with curling your hair

Curly hair is a style loved by all. Quality hair systems are now available with great curves. If you want to make your hair curly then you can buy those hair systems and use them to get a curly hair look. The look which a girl gets after curling their hair is very stylish and fashionable. But you should be very careful about the hair system that you are buying. The hair systems are made out of quality human hair similar to the growing hair of your scalp and so you can get the curls in your hair system just in the same way you do with your original hair.  In this guide we will be reading of different types of curls.

Different types of curls

There are different types of curls while curling your hair you should choose the right curl for you so that you look best in that curl. The different types of curl are as follows:

  1. Afro- The curl is 1/8 inch rod size. It is a tight afro style with a small curl. The curl is very stylish and hence when you will do the curl you will look pretty.
  2. Medium Afro- It is 3/6 inch curl. It is a slightly looser curl. This curl is for the women who don’t want heavy curl in their hair. This curl is really sophisticated.
  3. Tight Curl- The person who loves heavy curls for them this curl is the best. This curl make ¾ inch of your hair to get curl. At the end the curl can end up with the wave depending upon the quality of your hair.
  4. Medium Curl- This curls about ½ inch of your hair. Those you have small hair they can do this curl. You should curl your hair when you hair is wet. After getting dry it will take the shape of the curl. The curl can also end up taking the shape of the wave. Thus those who have long hairs they can try this curl. It is sure that they will look fashionable in this curl.
  5. Light wave- This will curl about 2 inch of your hair. The style of the curl is a wave style. Those who like the wave the curl they can so this curl.
  6. Light move- This curl is most commonly used curls by the people. It curls about ½ inch of your hair. It is a light curl. Person who will do the curl will look very fashionable and hence you can try with this new style of the curl.
  7. Light bend- Those who have straight hair and they want their hair to get cut in a light way for them this curl is the best. The curl will give you a stylish look and hence you will look different if you so this curl.

Types of wave that you can use in your hair

There are different types so wavy style which you can apply in your so that you can have an antique look. Many people don’t like the full curl style thus for them they can always apply the wavy style in their hair. This will give them a fashionable and the stylish look both. Some of the waves are:

  1. The tight wave- In this style3/4 inch of rod size will open about ½ inch of wave. This pattern of wave is very famous and it gives a very stylish and trendy look. People who love to curl their hair in the wavy style they can use this style. It is sure that they will love the style.
  2. The medium curl- In this type of curl the hair gets the wavy structure of about 1 inch curl. This gives the hair a shorter curl. The women who have small hair for then they can use this type of wavy curl.  The curl can also give you the look of the antique style. This wave can be made by ½ inch rod side. You can do this in the parlor as well as in the home.
  3. The tight curl- It will curl about ¾ inch of your hair. The wave of the hair depends upon the quality of hair you have. When you want to do the curl the first thing that you have to do is to wet your hair. After the hair gets wet then you have to make the curl in your hair. After your hair gets dried up the wave will be prominent in your hair. After combing the hair properly you can get the actual wavy hair.
  4. The medium afro- The curl of the hair is loose, and thus it will very light. If you are wearing a gown or a heavy dress you can use this hair style it will give a stylish look.
  5. The tight afro- The curls over here is quite prominent. The wavy curl stays for a longer time and it makes you look beautiful for a longer time. The curl is very true to rod side also.

Thus these are the top most curls and waves which you can use in your hair. It is sure that you will love the curling. There are different hair systems found in the market which will help you to do this curling and wave your hair.