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Base Size

How to measure Base Size?

In order to choose the best fit of hair system for you, its important to know the right measures of your base size. You can either send us your template or measure it on your own by following the instructions laid below-

Full cap

This hair system measures over 10”x10”. It’s a perfect pick for the men and women who have complete hair loss such as the chemotherapy patients. Full cap is designed to cover full head of the individuals including the nape areas and side burns.

Measure a full cap:

1.The Circumference of the Head

In order to measure the circumference of your head position the tape to the edges of your head. Following the hairline and nape of your neck rap it all around the head.

2. From Forehead to Nape of Neck

Position the measuring tape to the hairline of your head and take it straight back over the crown towards the nape of neck.

3. Ear to Ear Across Front Hairline:

Measure along the forehead, across the  hairline from the base of one sideburn to the other.

4. From Ear to Ear Over Top of Head

Measure directly above the ear from hairline across the crown of the head towards the side of the hairline lying directly above the other ear.

5. Point to Point

To know about point to point base size, position the measuring tape across the back head region, from temple to temple.

6. Nape of Neck

Just measure the width of hairline, by measuring across the nape of the neck.

Helpful hints for taking good measurements:

  • To know about the exact size figure use a cloth measuring tape.
  • When measuring don’t hold the measuring take too tight. You must measure holding it’s snug.
  • Keep the tape flat and make sure the tape isn’t kinked or twisted when measuring.

 In order to get ensured perfcet measure it’s wise to take the measurements minimum 3 times using the same tape. This will ensure you that you are taking the measurements correctly