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Base Designs

Base Design

Going for the right base design:

For the convenience of our customers we have variations in base designs to give them variety in choice. So, according to your need and preference you can always choose the one. For finding the right hair base for yourself it is necessary that you know about the hair base.

Why the variety in hair bases?

A little muddle headiness surely arises when you see the numerable choices of hair systems but the question is why and the answer is because different people have different needs. When people opt for hair system, some calls for system which gives them a natural appearance. While, some people crave that they have longer and durable hair systems. So, for such people it is necessary to have different hair systems. And, few hair systems will have quality of both durability and natural look.

The classification of four hair designs:

Hair systems as mentioned are available for various types with different materials and fabrics used but primarily they can be divided into four. But, major thing is what your pick is and what will suit the best for you.

  1. 1.       A complete lace base hair system:

Lace base hair systems are the best one when it comes to durability and also they provide a real look to the user. To get the best lace system, the use of fine quality lace is much more important. More the fine quality lace is used more is the life of the lace system. Variety of laces are there in the market and one can use according to the choice to increase the durability.

Lace systems are quite easier to use as they are light weight and also the minute pores make space for air to pass.

  1. 2.      Base with lace in front:

Few lace systems are combination of both durability and also natural appearance and the front base lace system is one of such hair system only. The lace material is put to use in the front and in the side hairline area only.

Lace front is again can be made with use of multiple material according to the need, and the best kind of material is skin material. Though, sometimes it can be bit problematic as different materials are used for hair system so the stitching areas and joints can create little uneasiness for the wearer. Only, sometimes the wearer might feel odd.

  1. Full skin base system:

These are quite uncomfortable for the user because of two reasons first they can make the wearer conscious of the thickness and also they have no minute spaces or pores for the skin to breathe.

It is skin colored skin material which is quite thick but in most of the cases the thickness of the hair system can be adjusted according to the convenience.

Because, of the skin color attached the hair system gets the real appearance look as well. But the thickness of skin in front can sometimes create trouble for the user. Otherwise, it is a good option for daily use.

  1. Conventional hair system:

Now, the oldest and the most used hair systems are these ones which are unbeatable when it comes to durability. Polyurethane linings in the sides are used with the mesh material in between the cover. It is kind of thick and durable.

But, definitely when it comes to appearance it can’t provide the same look and appearance as the other hair systems. So, this hair system is kind of less preferred than others.

Pick the best as per your need and factors which affect your needs.

After knowing well about the different types of hair systems definitely you have an idea what are the exact specifications of them so now according to the convenience and use you can pick one. Hair systems need maintenance and care. So, even if you choose any of the hair system it is on you how you use it and take care of it for the longer life of the hair system. Use the hair systems to make yourself look younger and smarter always.

In case of any doubt or dilemma, we are there to help you, so contact us and we will provide guidance.