How To Measure Your Toupee Size?

It’s normal to see more and more people purchase various kinds of wigs to seek back their esteem and confidence for daily pressures which is not expected, especially to those younger men who never predict they will suffer hair loss in this age. Toupee is a kind of popular hair replacement system which is special…

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Why Choose Non Surgical Hair Restoration?

FUE Hair Transplant Before and After-2

First, let’s simply talk about what’s hair restoration. Actually, hair restoration is also called hair transplant or hair implantation, which is the process of permanently restoring hair by transplanting new follicles into balding or thinning areas. Totally, there are surgical hair restoration and non surgical hair restoration to increase the hair and find their esteems…

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How To Attach The Hair Replacement System To Head

hair replacement system

How to attach the hair replacement system to head? What kind of tools will you need? Is there any steps you should follow? Read it before you attach the hair replacement system to your head. Actually, you should figure out whether it’s being attached to the scalp or to pre-existing hair or not before attaching…

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How Do Hair Replacement Systems Work

Non Surgical Hair Restoration

How much do you know about Hair Replacement Systems? Nowadays, people get extra pressures and feel mental worries from daily work, complicated relationship and vague upsets.Finding some easy ways to relieve the stresses is a good solution; otherwise, it will bring some physical changes, for example, quick aging, getting fat or even hair loss. Hence,…

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FUE Hair Transplant Before and After

my hair non surgical hair systems

In recent years, hair transplant surgery has become a priority choice to those who are anxious to restore hair naturally, which, to a great extent, is driven by technology improvements and better outcomes. Generally, Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are widely applied. No matter which surgery you choose, DO remember…

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