Modern technology has changed the concepts radically. Consumer is at the helm of affairs in deciding everything according to their requirements, needs and specifications to be included in the products they buy. Hair Bro specialty Men’s Toupees are no exception. Let us see here how your preferences, prescriptions and wishes are individually get clarified, to be inducted into the designing of the Men’s Toupee you buy.

Men’s Toupee is a strictly personal product:

As a consumer, you want to buy Men’s Toupees online from This decision you have taken for the reason, you want to make-good the abnormal appearance of your scalp, affected by scanty hair-growth, improper growth or premature baldness, with empty spaces on the scalp’s skin either in front, sides or crown of the head.

It goes without saying that the intended Men’s Toupee should fit your head perfectly without any flaw; the vacant portion of the scalp should be covered beautifully; the hair-strands should look 100% natural, and go with the same color of the naturally grown hair on other sides of the scalp; and you should be able to comb the hair in any hairstyle fancied by you, when going out.

In addition, there are other wishes that the hairpiece should be light-weight; the fixing and removal should be damn easy; and when you wear that Toupee, none should be able to detect it as something “artificial”. More or less these are the overall requirements of every customer approaching Hair Bro.

How Hair Bro fulfills your needs?

As the leader of the Wig Industry in meeting the exact requirements of hundreds of global customers, Hair Bro uses Internet facility diligently, for providing Hair Replacements, Men’s Toupees and Human Hair Wigs for women, exactly the way they wanted them to be. Take for example you want to buy one or more (yes you can save up to 18% in price, if you buy 5 pieces at a time) of “Delicate Swiss Lace In Center Men’s Toupee With Thin Poly Coating On Sides And Back”.  The different views of this specialty Men’s Toupee will be like this:

If you visit this web page in, you will find the general description of this specialty Men’s Toupee. In this page, there is a ready-to fill Order Form wherein you are asked specific particulars, with regard to each of the parameters you want to be included in the design.

The specifications you are asked to fill-up (from the downward menu you only need to click your option – that is all):

Base Size – that is the Swiss Lace base size to sit perfectly upon your scalp; Base Material Color; Hair Color option; Front Contour (different contour photos are published for your guidance); Hair length; Hair density; Hair direction; Curl and Wave; Hair type; Gray Hair – that is if you want Gray Hair to be mixed to give a natural look, and if so your options towards this provision); Scallop Front size desired; Bleach Knots (the distance from front you want the Bleach Knots) and finally the Delivery Rush Service you prefer.

Over and above the specifications, you can type out Additional Instructions, if any. You will agree after given such exhaustive opportunities to stipulate your options, you are the ultimate decider of everything that goes into your Men’s Toupee!