Hair loss is a typical problem that has almost included people of all ages and from all the sectors of society. Unlike the earlier years, when men could have done with the baldness, resulting out of extreme hair loss, today there are many techniques available to overcome this problem with smartness. Hair replacement therapy is among one of these methods that can help men to look good along with having flaunting hair.

The History of Hair Replacement Systems

The modern techniques of non-surgical hair replacement systems for men can trace its roots even before the 80 CE when the ancient Egyptians and Romans used to wear wigs with the help of some form like beeswax, resin and many others.

In the later years in the 16th as well as in the 17th centuries along with its following years, these wigs were highly worn by people of royal and autocratic classes. Even the bourgeoisie classes started using these old forms of hair replacement systems.

However, in the later years, including the 21st century days, these ancient and traditional forms got replaced with advanced techniques that made it easier for the men to flaunt their looks no matter where they are.

Major Reasons for Hair Replacement System

Hair replacement for men involves both surgical as well as non-surgical procedures. These methods are chosen on the basis of hair loss as well as the economical status of different people.

These replacement techniques are mainly chosen because of the hair fall. The main reasons, which result in hair loss, include:

  • Growth of dandruff,

  • Unhealthy diet,
  • Stress,
  • Dirty or unhealthy hair, 
  • Excess use of chemicals, including the use of hair colour as well,
  • Increase in the androgen production and yet many more.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System for Men

Non Surgical Hair Replacement includes those techniques wherein you can replace your natural hair with some artificial forms. These forms include the following:

  • Wigs,
  • Toupees and
  • Hair extensions.

Herein is a brief discussion of each of these non-surgical hair replacement systems.


Wigs are the earliest form of hair replacement systems that men as well as women have gained because of their hair loss issues. Today these wigs either are made of synthetic materials or are manufactured via natural hair itself. Wigs have in them a typical netted material, in which the hair is sewn into it. These wigs are quite inexpensive compared to the other hair replacement systems. All those men who need to use hair replacement on a daily or on a regular basis.


Toupees are basically a form of wigs but having the difference of covering only partial baldness. Toupees are specially made keeping in mind about the male alopecia or male hair loss. These generally cover a top portion of the heads. Toupees are smaller than wigs and are manufactured by the use of natural hair as well as synthetic materials.

Hair extensions

Hair extensions are yet another way out for covering the hair loss. These extensions can be worn by using glue or clips. Hair extensions generally come in different colours, which make it useful for all those men who need to look good each and every day, that include actors, models and so on.

For getting the best look and along with being able to secure these hair replacement systems, you might need to use either of the following:

  • Clips,
  • Glue or 
  • Tapes.

While clips are generally used for hair extensions, glues are more dominant for getting the right attachment. Glues are more appropriate because it secures your hairpiece or wigs in a better way. As a replacement for these glues, some people may also use tapes. On a general basis, most of these hair attachments generally last for four weeks.

Types of Hair Replacement System
Hair replacement systems on a broader basis generally include two techniques. These include the following:

  • Stock Hair System and 
  • Custom Hair System.

For letting you to have a clear idea, herein is a brief discussion of these two respective systems.

Stock Hair System

These hair systems are generally made keeping in the regular colour variations as well as the general male baldness patterns. These hair systems are quite inexpensive, because of the more common males’ hair losses and can be easily worn by all men.

Custom Hair System

These hair systems let you gain the exact veiling hair look. You can customize the size, colour and other factors that would be needed to camouflage your hair loss. You can also get the exact organic 
gradation for attaining an unnoticeable look.

Today there are many companies emerging each day offering each of these hair replacement systems. In case you too are suffering from a typical kind of hair loss or male alopecia, you can get either of these as your solutions. Only you need to make sure that you get these done from a good hair replacement company or agency. Not only they will help in giving you an undetectable look, but also their provided hair replacement systems can actually last longer than the local ones.

You must also make sure to know just the exact way of using these systems, without making any kind of mistake. For this, you can take the help of an expert. This step is really necessary because any kind of mistake done, while wearing either of these hair pieces, may give you a real ugly and a complete hideous look.

Barring these, other medication may also help you to combat the hair loss. This can include some forms of oral or topical treatments. These may include the use of creams or some drugs that may help you to prevent further hair loss or helping you to regain your new hair. In this case, it is must to consult a good certified dermatologist before relying or using any of these methods.

Surgical methods

Besides these temporary methods, hair replacement systems also include surgical and other options.

Hair Transplantation

The most common and sought after method is that of hair transplantation. It has been helpful for many people to recover from their hair loss. For getting the best results from hair transplantation, it is important to follow these steps in just the perfect way.

1.Selection and the harvesting of the required donor area- This generally includes the back portion of your head.
2.Closing the selected donor area.
3.Transplantation of the hair grafts and 
4.Covering of the hair loss area.

Basically the procedure involves the removing of a few hair grafts and later transplanting them to the affected areas. For this procedure, the patient would be kept awake. However, for those who do not have a regular and a natural hair growth, this procedure may not be the apt one.

Scalp reduction

Scalp reduction is another medical procedure where in you can gain hair. It simply involves the removal of alopecia-affected scalp for reducing the present bald skin. Following this, the healthier scalp part or parts are then re-positioned as well as stretched, for ensuring that the balding area is made smaller as well as manageable. This procedure may involve a hair transplantation or it may also be done with isolation.

Apart from these other procedures like the use laser, use of the right hair care products and many others may also include for men's hair replacement systems.

For all the above procedures along with the available others, it is always important for the required male to visit and consult a good dermatologist. Without their consultation, it would never be safe for anyone to undergo any of these surgical therapies or hair replacement system.