Sometimes situations may arise where you might be using your hair system for more than a week continuously. For that purpose you can take a look at the following tips for efficient usage. Or perhaps you can take a look at our daily usage tips right here.

  • Make sure that you thoroughly clean your scalp before using the regime on it.
  • While using blue liner, liquid adhesives or Proflex strips, it is significant to sue red tape on the polyurethane based surface so that it is easy to clean up later.
  • Sometimes, after vigorous exercise or work out, you might feel the system coming off. You need not worry at such times as it is just due to the moisture and heat generated which makes the adhesive loosen up, but rest assured as your unit is still safely bonded. Let it cool naturally before touching it.
  • Dust particles can easily attach to the unit and the lace material after usage. This can be treated by showering and cleaning the area. After that Adjust-a-bond can be applied to the double fold tissue by keeping on hand on the system and using the other hand to clean the lace using a wet tissue. This makes sure that your lace stays invisible from the front.

Which tape to choose?

The tapes have been divided on the basis of their tackiness which is to make you provide the ease in wearing for various durations. You can understand their usage durations from the chart linked below.

Find out how to attach the hair regime with a hairpiece adhesive strip of tape.