Wigs are very popular among those who have experienced partial or permanent hair loss due to one cause or the other. Wigs help one to regain their lost confidence because hair loss tends to bring about a loss of self-confidence in both men and women. There are many types of wigs available, which tend to suit the needs of one or the other. Wigs do not only differ on the aspect of price but also differ from one another on various aspects such as those of the material used, the kind of hair used and the weaving patterns. Normally the heaper wigs have thicker base and the hairs are all machine knotted which do not help you in any way to achieve a parting or even to give a natural feel and look to your hair. It is for this reason that monofilament wigs are gaining so much popularity these days. The monofilament wigs are lighter and give a much more natural look to the hair and help them to bounce like natural hair. Monofilament wigs are a little on the costly side as compared to the other wigs but still are preferred because of this high level of perfection.

What are monofilament wigs?

The base of a monofilament wig is made up of sheer and almost meshes like synthetic fibres. The sheerness of the wig helps it to look almost a part of the scalp and looks as if you have achieved natural growth of hair on your scalp. Due to it being sheer and lighter than any other base materials of the cheaper wigs, it helps to keep your scalp cool and allows for the respiration of your scalp follicles. Another great feature of sheer wigs is that the hairs on the wig, either human hair or the synthetic ones are mainly hand woven into the wig. Because it is hand woven the hair can play naturally and you can even attain a parting on any side without looking as if you have a wig on. The budget monofilament wigs normally have machine woven hairs on the monofilament and hence they do not allow such freedom of movement. However, you can make your own choice considering your needs.

How to take care of monofilament wigs?

Monofilament wigs are durable enough for regular use but you should handle them with such care. Extra tug or hard handling may cause tears in the wig and even cause the hairs to come loose. You can was your monofilament wigs in the same way that you use to wash the other wigs. But do not use conditioners on the wigs as it cause s the hairs to fall off. If you want to colour your wig in your favourite hair colour, you can just go ahead with it. As the base is sheer, it may also get lightly tinted, but there is nothing to worry about, as the whole thing would still look natural.

Different kinds of monofilament wigs

There are different varieties of monofilament wigs that you can choose from based on your requirements and necessities. Firstly there is the top wig where the monofilament layer is present on the entire top part of the wig. So it helps your parting to look absolutely natural. Other than that, the remaining part of the wig is made up of hand woven or much machine integrated hairs. On the whole, these kinds of monofilament wigs are very flexible and you can get the most out of it. Secondly, there are the part monofilament wigs where the parting is fixed and you cannot just shift the parting on your own wish. So the thing is that you have to buy a wig with a fixed parting and therefore it is imperative to choose your preferred parting from beforehand- left, right or centre. There are also the crown wigs where the monofilament base layer is present only on the crown part of the entire wig and hence it helps in shorter hairstyle wigs such as those of bobs. It looks great with those hairstyles and helps you to stand out. 
All these wigs have different prices, but monofilament wigs generally are pricier than the other base wigs. Choose the one that suits your needs as well as your budget.