The different physical problems exhibited by men and women these days are due to the changing lifestyle. Also to add to the reason, there is the changing environment. The degradation of the environment is also responsible for the worsening health condition of the people. The most prominent disorder that is persistent amongst the human beings of this generation is the hair fall problem. Hair problem has taken over the world like a deadly epidemic. Off course people are not dying but they are becoming mentally misbalanced. The loss of hair decreases the confidence of a person.
Functions of hair

Hair is not just an entity produced by the dead cells from our body, neither its growth is justified by the beauty that it projects on the personality of a person. The hair plays the most crucial role like the most other organs of our body. In earlier times, when mankind was slowly evolving, the hair was like a protector from the environment. It provided body warmth in cold season and protection from any fatal injury. The presence of hair over our body and head is also responsible for the active reflex system we possess. The human head is equipped with hair on the head and it increases the touch sensation of our sense organs. We feel the presence of an external being just through our sensation of hairs. Thus hair fall problems should be dealt with importance and hair fall causes have to be worked upon to provide suitable remedy.
Curing hair fall problems

Conserve the environment: 
We all exist due to our environment and our interaction with the ecosystem. Environmental conservation is the only cure we can provide ourselves. Most of the problems associated with the human body are due to the irregularity of the environment, rather disorder of the environment. Increase in the pollution and industrialization is responsible for emitting harmful and toxic gases and chemicals into the air. These harmful chemical products degrade our living standards and they also alleviate the problems of organ disorders such as the hair fall.

Simple lifestyle:
Lead a simple life, simplicity in the sense that living standards should be natural. People should depend on natural food products for acquiring the appropriate nutrients required for the body. The lack of proper nutrients such as Proteins and Vitamins are the vital hair fall causes. Proper vegetarian diet is essential for proper metabolic activities of our system. The lack of nutrients in optimum amounts is responsible for losing excessive hairs. People who live their live in haste often find themselves dealing with several disorders of the organs.

Replenishing the hair
This is the most vital job that should be initiated. Replenishing the hair is the best thing you can do to take care of your hair. But how do you do it? It’s similar to taking care of the hair as the most important part of the body. Cleaning the hair regularly helps to remove dust from the roots of the hair. This prevents the degradation of the hair from the roots. Fill the hair with herbal nutrients. In ancient times people use the herbs from different medicinal trees and plants to treat every kind of disorders.