Male Pattern Baldness – referred in the medical circles as androgenetic alopecia – is a problem plaguing men folk for generations. This is not causing any physical pain by the emptiness of the scalp. But the sufferers of this unique problem undergo untold mental agony and torture by their abnormal appearance. is extending a helping hand to these unfortunate brothers of our society, by making available fantastic, natural-looking, 100% perfect Men’s Toupees, at affordable prices. Here is how:

What is Male Pattern Baldness?

Human body metabolism is a natural wonder. Right from the cradle to the grave, every change in human body takes place like clock-work. Hair growth is one of them. When a male child is born, there is no difference in its appearance from other children and the hair-prevalence is normal. When the child grows, there is no abnormality in hair growth till 15 to 25 years.

Around 30 years, the hair follicles at the temples (sides of the scalp) begin to thin; over a period of months, a patch of emptiness develops at the top of the scalp (crown); these two empty portions get enlarged gradually and join together, to make another patch developed from the forehead and going upwards. This is happening on a set-pattern for majority males and so it is known as Male Pattern Baldness.

Prevalence of Male Pattern Baldness:

Extensive researches have been made on MPB to ascertain its causes and statistics compiled for its prevalence. According to these results, the starting of baldness in males varies. But 3 persons out of 10 invariably get MPB around 30 years; and 5 out of 10 persons at the age of 50 years have baldness.

What causes Premature Baldness?

According to medical studies, the male hormone “testosterone” is responsible for hair-growth; this testosterone is converted into another hormone namely “dihydrotestosterone” at the root of the hair-follicles. For some undiscovered reason, this conversion does not take place in some cases and it results in the shrinking of hair follicles; and the hair follicles become thin to cause MPB as explained above.

In 2008 the location of the gene causing hereditary premature baldness was identified; but it is still a mystery why different hair particles are triggered at different times, to instigate the process of baldness gradually. It is also not clear to researchers why the hair follicles found in human body like armpits and beard are not affected by this malfunction of hormones.

Impacts of MPB:

For whatever reason baldness is caused at the prime age, there is no denying of the impacts of this untimely baldness. Males need to be active and vibrant in their social life at this age. They have to go about various places and mingle with the society to earn respect and dignity. But this endeavor gets seriously hampered by the premature baldness and abnormal appearance without hair over the scalp.

Even if others may or may not mind it, the self-pity kills them with inferiority complex that their appearance is not normal, and people mock behind their back. The measure of this inferiority complex may vary from persons to persons, but it is a fact that premature baldness haunts them psychologically.

Best solution is wearing Men’s Toupees:

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