For a comfortable bonding, these toupee tapes and hairpiece adhesives are used for better adherence. These have capable adhesive laid on both sides to fix properly. Also known as “medical” or “surgical grade” strips, these are prepared keeping the environment fully sterilized.

Multi-type hair adhesive strip

Toupee tapes come up in numerous types and colors to give you an enhanced comfort. Except the cloth tape all other are transparent making it blend with the head without being visible. The colors depict the different levels of stickiness for these tapes.

These tapes are available in strips or as rolls. Their formulation is on the basis of the outer line from where the hair start growing. The hair system has to be carefully adjusted for which these strips are designed keeping the color and type accurate.

Find out more about these Hairpiece adhesive strips

  • Different tapes and hairpiece adhesive strips: Get to know the various colors and their purpose. Also understand how the tackiness of the tapes operate according to their designing.
  • Profiles, sizes and rolls: Take a look at the various categories of outline strips. Also review the shapes and sizes for the hairpiece tapes.
  • How to apply: To understand how to apply your new toupee tape, you can follow the method as provided here.

Where can you purchase toupee tape?

Come along to witness our exceptional selection of toupee tapes and hairpiece adhesive strips for you. Select from numerous sizes and colors to get the right one that suits you. Or let us help you with the selection better.

  • White Liner Tape
  • Mess free Residue
  • Red Liner Tape
  • Cloth Tape
  • Minitabs and Proflex strips
  • Super tape
  • Blue lace tape