A scalloped front is where the lace or skin on a front hair line is cut in a saw-tooth shape—Zigzags. It provides with much softer appearance of hair which enhances the natural look of the user. Usually scallop hairline is made with the skin material only because the lace material is kind of slippery which can be troublesome for the user to use.

Rush Service

The service period details for Standard cap size:

-The regular service period is 6- 7 weeks.

-The rush services period is 5 - 6 weeks.

- The super rush period is 4 -5 weeks.

The service period details for full caps:

-The regular service period is 7 - 8 weeks.

-The rush service period is 6 - 7 weeks.

- The super rush service period is 5 - 6 weeks.


1. The service period excludes the time of communication between customer service staff and customers and also excludes the time when parcel was put for dispatch till it reaches to us.

2. Also, rush and super rush service is no applicable to all orders. If the order is not applicable, the amount will be refunded.