Hair loss is the biggest problem the people of this generation is facing. Hair loss is not fully preventive, but to some extent Trichologists say they can be taken care of and they blame the environmental degradation and the changing lifestyle of the people for the hair loss. Several factors have to be stated if you are looking deep into the matter of hair fall causes. The effect of the surroundings and the interacting particles of the environment are necessarily responsible for the loss of hair.
Let’s look at the most prominent reasons for hair fall

Living a stressful life

A stressful life may lead to loss of too much hair for males and females. The increasing concern for the hair loss studies shows that people who tend to live their life in stress, tend to lose hair very often. Stress can be physical and also mental. Physical stresses depict overworking of the different organs of the body.
Child birth
Women find this astonishing during the time of pregnancy. They lose a lot hair from their head. This can be due to the various reasons. Most of the nutrition that the mother intakes are distributed to the baby and thus the mother lacks the vital nutrients to keep the normal activities of the body active. Another one will be the complexities of the functions of other body parts increases and the cells that grow hairs stops functioning.

Excess Vitamin A

Vitamin A is also responsible for hair loss in men and women. Excess of consumption of foods that are rich in Vitamin A can lead to a disorder and affect the growth of hair, thus breaking of hairs and growth is stopped or retarded. When the Vitamin A intake is again normalized, the hair problem is lost.
Protein deficiency
Protein is an essential nutrient required by us. This nutrient is responsible for working of our vital organs. Deficiency in the intake of appropriate amount of proteins leads to increase amount of hair fall as seen in males and females. 
Hereditary problems
It is common in families that some of the members lose hair very easily. Hereditary problem are prevalent for hair fall causes. If any elder members of the family possess this hair loss problem, then their offspring are bound to lose hair from a very tender age. This is totally a genetic problem.

Hormonal disorders in females

The mood of the females is totally governed by the hormonal activities. The enlargement of the lips, breast and the built of the body shape are all due to the effect of hormonal changes. Imbalance of the hormones in females leads to drastic hair fall. The hair fall in this case is periodic.
Loss due to anemia
Anemia is a disorder in the human body due to iron deficiency. Out of the 20 women, 10 are found to deal with the problem of anemia. Iron deficiency can be dealt with proper advice from the doctors. A blood test is mandatory to get the right judgment for anemia.
Disorder of thyroid glands

If the thyroid glands are underactive performers, then hair loss is the common effect. This gland controls the metabolism activities and thus is responsible for the proper growth of hair.