Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance Description

  1. How to Clean Your Hairpiece

    No matter you are a daily wearer or an extended hair wear, the adhesive resides will gradually build up on your system and get into your hair. In order to protect your hair system, the regular clean-up is recommended.

    Step 1: Removing the hairpiece tape

    Gently remove the hairpiece tape from the polyurethane areas of the hair system.

    Use your fingernail to scrap up the edge of the tape to start the peeling

    Tips: Remove tape from lace a

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  2. The Difference between Cleaning Lace and Poly

    Poly/Skin bases

    Poly/skin base is much easier to clean-up than lace base. Most people who use poly/skin base for extended wear will use red liner tape on the poly before placing the stronger tape or adhesive. Although this does not affect the hold in any way, it does make the cleanup much easier.

    When people use red liner tape which will only adhere to poly, they just need to gently peel it off of the base along with the tape or glue on top of it. There will be very minimal adhesive residue, if any, left on the base for cleaning. (Red liner tape cannot be used with lace bases.)

    Lace bases

    The solvent soak is one of the most popular cleaning methods for lace bases. Lace material is so delicate that you should be careful not to soak it too long, no matter which solvent you are using. If the lace base is placed in the solvent, it can cause the knots to swell, which will lead to p

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  3. How to Shampoo and Condition Your Hairpiece

    Shampooing is a necessity for hair wearers since no one wants to smell or touch a dirty head. The general rule is to do it only when you need it or 1-2 times weekly at most. Any more and you will risk drying out the hair or causing tangles.

    How to shampoo your hair system properly and safely

    Shampooing your hair system is an important step to maintain a clean and natural appearance. Here is a few thing you can do to maximize the lifespan of your hair system.

    1. Work Your Way In

    Wetting your head and hair first and then pour the shampoo into your hands instea

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  4. Repair Service

    In addition to ordering a new hair system, you can choose the repair service to extend the life of your hair system and save you a few money by sparing you the cost of a new hair system. Here is a few options you can choose:

    1. Add hair (even gray!)

    We offer several services that can help restore the life and vitality to your system. One of the options id adding hair to a healthy hair system. We can even add gray hair to a system so it will age with you. If you notice that you have more gray natural hair, you can increase the gray percentage of hair in your system for blending purposes.

    2. Deta

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  5. Hair System Care and Maintenance Tips

    Preventing Oxidation

    Harmful UV rays from the sun can cause the hair in your hair system to turn orange or red in color. This change is called oxidation which is a chemical reaction that affects the color hues in your hair anytime oxygen is present and the molecules are exposed to UV light. Though it is a gradual process, if you spend much time outdoors, it could affect you and the natural appearance you're used to getting from your hair replacement.

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