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What is A Really Good Hair System Mean?

Our system is bespoke, high-end Hair Pieces (Toupee) made with ultra-high quality real human hair.

The hair system is designed to replace completely or partially the top of the head.

This area will need to be shaved and the hair system will be applied to the scalp using certified adhesive and will remain on the head for 3-4 weeks.

The Hair System itself will last 4-12 months.

See below an example of the quality and realism that we can achieve

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The Hairbro Experience

1. Decision made

Because going bald isn’t a choice but staying bald is, you made the right one and decided to let us help you improve your image with a OneHead Hair System. The wait is over. Your new system has arrived and you’re now ready for the big change.

2. Preparing the Scalp

Your hair system has been tailored just for you and we need to get your head ready for the perfect fit. You will need to designed area on top of your head to create a smooth surface where we will apply the adhesive. This step can be done in one of our points of service or by yourself with someone’s help and we will assist you.

3. Applying the adhesive

The adhesive (glue or tape) needs to be applied to your scalp and/or on the hair system. All our adhesives are certified, non toxic, anti-allergen and present no danger for the skin. This step can be done in one of our points of service or by yourself with someone’s help and we will assist you and guide you via video chat.

4. Fitting the hair system

Starting by gently sticking the tip of the system in the center of the forehead, slowly continue sticking the system in a gradual rolling back movement, making sure that it’s even on each sides, until it comes sit nicely all the way to the back, covering the whole shaved area.

5.Cut-in and styling

It’s now time for your favorite hairdresser/stylist or one of our hair stylist to cut your brand new, soft, shinny and brand new hair. Remember that any hairstyle is possible, be creative, be fabulous.

6. Take over the world

It’s a shock, a good one, we know. It’s a lot to take in to finally have a perfect set of thick, soft, healthy looking hair. You thought this vision was impossible but no; embrace it, enjoy it and your let all those feelings come back to you. You are worth it, feel sexy, feel powerful, feel unique, feel confident and just take over the world, because you can.

How much does it cost?

Overview of our Men’s Toupee Hair System, Duplicate and Fixing Services

Custom Made Toupee
  • Highest Quality Hair On Market
  • Undetectable Hairline
  • Invisible Knots
From Only $159
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Duplicate Old Systems
  • We Offer Free Rush Order on Duplicate
  • Super High Definition Hairline
  • Half delivery back fee covered
From Only $149
Learn More
Repair Your Old Units
  • Top Level Care and Craftsmanship
  • Repairs and Hair Adds
  • 4-5 weeks leading time
From Only $79
Learn More

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