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High quality mono in center with poly coating on sides and back, transparent poly on front hair replacement system, durable toupee

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High quality mono in center with poly coating on sides and back, transparent poly on front hair replacement system, durable toupee

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  1. * Template & samples *
    • Template & samples
    • I'll send in an old unit for size and curvature reference
      • No need to ship back
      • Return with order
      • Rush ship back +$20.00
    • I'll send in a new template and hair samples
    • Use my template and samples already on file
    • I'll fill the dimension in below Base Size section

  2. * Base size *
    • Base size
    • 5*7 inches
    • 6*8 inches
    • 6*9 inches
    • 7*9 inches
    • 7*10 inches
    • 8*10 inches +$19.00
    • 8*11 inches +$29.00
    • 9*11 inches +$29.00
    • Custom
      • Width Inches
      • Length Inches
    • Full cap (area is or bigger than 100 square inches) +$99.00
      • Circumference Inches
      • Front to nape Inches
      • Ear to ear across forehead Inches
      • Ear to ear over top Inches
      • Temple to temple round back Inches
      • Nape of neck Inches

  3. Base material color
    • Base material color
    • Same as my last order
    • Light brown
    • Medium Brown
    • Dark Brown

  4. * Front contour *
    • Front contour
    • Match the front contour of template or sample piece on file already
    • AA (V peak shape)
    • A (between AA and CC)
    • CC (round shape)
    • C(nearly straight shape)

  5. * Hair color *
    • Hair color
    • Match the sample I'll send in(Recommended)
    • I'll send in an old system as sample
    • Use my sample already on file
    • Use your color code
      • Preview
      • 1#
      • 1B#
      • 2#
      • 3#
      • 4#
      • 4ASH#
      • 4R#
      • 5#
      • 5R#
      • 6#
      • 6R#
      • 6RD#
      • 7#
      • 7ASH#
      • 8R#
      • 10R#
      • 12R#
      • 17#
      • 17R#
      • 18#
      • 20#
      • 20R#
      • 22R#
      • 30#
      • 59#
      • 60#
      • 60RY#

  6. * Hair length *
    • Hair length
    • Up to 4"
    • 6"
    • Longest at 8" +$29.00
    • Longest at 10" +$35.00
    • Longest at 12" +$45.00
    • Longest at 14" +$60.00
    • Longest at 16" +$80.00
    • Longest at 18" +$110.00
    • Longest at 20" +$150.00
    • Longest at 22" +$200.00
    • Longest at 24" +$265.00
    • Longest at 26" +$350.00
    • Longest at 28" +$460.00
    • Longest at 30" +$600.00

  7. * Hair density *
    • Hair density
    • 50%
    • 55%
    • 60%
    • 65% Extra Light( 65% and lower for Lace base or Ultra Thin Skin only)
    • 70% (70%-125% can work with any base)
    • 75%
    • 80%
    • 85%
    • 90%
    • 95%
    • 100% Light to Medium density ( the most popular)
    • 105%
    • 110%
    • 115%
    • 120% Medium Density
    • 140%
    • 160%
    • 180%

  8. * Curl & wave *
    • Curl & wave
    • Bodywave European straight (35mm)
    • Slight wave (28mm)
    • Medium wave (22mm)
    • Tight wave (18mm)
    • Medium curl (12mm)
    • Tight curl (10mm)

  9. * Hair direction *
    • Hair direction
    • Same as my last order
    • Free style
    • Left parting
    • Right parting
    • Center parting
    • Left break
    • Right break
    • Left crown
    • Right crown
    • Center crown
    • Brush back

  10. Hair type
    • Hair type
    • Remy hair(best) +$49.00
    • Indian human hair (medium thickness)
    • European hair(fine,thin &soft , UP TO 7’’) +$29.00
    • Chinese hair (coarse,extremely straight)

  11. Grey hair
    • Grey hair
    • No need grey hair
    • The same as the old unit I'll send in
    • Same grey percentage as hair sample I'll send in
    • Use my sample already on file4
    • Same as my last order
    • I want grey hair
      • Grey hair type:
        • Human grey hair less than 30% (fine but color may shed)
        • Human grey hair 30% and up (fine but color may shed) +$49.00
        • Synthetic grey hair (best choice)
        • Yak (similar to human but thicker and shinny)
      • Grey percentage of total:
        • % all over
        • Grey distribution
          • Front grey %
          • Top grey %
          • Crown grey %
          • Temples grey %
          • Sides grey %
          • Back grey %

  12. Highlight
    • Highlight
    • No need highlights
    • The same as the old unit I'll send in
    • Use my sample already on file
    • Same as my last order
    • I want highlights to my hair
      • Highlight hair type
        • Synthetic hair
        • Human hair
      • Highlight color
        • Match the sample I'll send in
        • The same as my old unit I'll send in
        • Use your color code and I'll type the code in below field
      • Highlight distribution
        • Evenly blended whole unit
        • Spot (streaks/chunks)
      • Highlight percentage%

  13. Scallop front
    • Scallop front
    • No need scallop front
    • #1 scallop size
    • #2 scallop size
    • #3 scallop size
    • #4 scallop size
    • #5 scallop size

  14. Bleach knots
    • Bleach knots
    • Bleach knots 1/4" in distance from front
    • Bleach knots 1/2" in distance from front
    • Bleach knots 1" in distance from front
    • Bleach knots all over +$19.00
    • No need bleach knots

  15. * Rush service *
    • Rush service
    • Average service 6-8 weeks
    • Rush service 5-6 weeks

  16. Additional instruction

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This sort of product that is designed specifically for the purpose of solving the hair fall problem of men is quite common today. The most prone areas are the sides and the back which this high quality hair replacement toupee covers with is poly coating. The other basic features of this product are as follows:

  • This is a full mono system with PU perimeter all around, to have a better look in the front, thin transparent clear poly is made instead of PU coating.
  • Single hair single knotted in the front PU area.
  • Durable design with undetectable thin clear PU front.
  • The base size is about 6*9 inches
  • The product consists of true Remy hair, all virgin type
  • The hair direction is a fee style one with a 6 inches hair length
Additional Information

Additional Information

Base Design Momo base, Poly Front Part
Base Size 6*9 inches
Curl & Wave 30mm
Hair Color 520#
Hair Density 120%
Hair Direction Free style
Hair Lengh 6"
Hair Type All virgin hair

Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

9 Item(s)

Fast delivery! My husband needed this for a 70s party & the toupee was perfect. The toupee is super curly but it fit his head (my hubby has a large head) Review by Heather Leonard / (Posted on 5/11/2015)
Nice toupee - Fit as expected Review by Erin Brodwin / (Posted on 5/11/2015)
Smaller than pictured and almost looks like an Orphan Annie toupee Review by Alyson Krueger / (Posted on 5/11/2015)
toupee was gross Review by / (Posted on 5/11/2015)
very good!




THANKS Hairbro

TRULY YOU ARE BEST. Review by Francis / (Posted on 2/28/2015)
Hi All - I just wanted to write and share my experience with getting my first system through Hairbro. I was with a hair club for 6 years or so and finally decided to try to find a way to do it on my own. We had moved out of the area and it was a 3 hour drive (each way) to my hair apppointments every 4 weeks. Eeeek! After lots of research i found HD. I sent them my one and only system, that was on my head. For color matching and size of system. And, have been in a wig all this time waiting for my system. I say "all this time" because I've received 2 systems (each took 5 - 6 weeks) and they weren't right. So, Kathy, my tech has helped me all along the way to try and get it right. And, we finally did, with the third try, and I love it! And, because of all my years at the club, i have watched them de-re attach many, many times. And, with lots of help from the message boards, i am very happy with the outcome of attaching (tape and adhesive - on a HD-11), and the style is perfect. I just posted a photo today. Kathy has been terrific and I love the community and help it provides! I'll be ordering another system soon so I have an extra, I'm wanting to add more highlights to the next one.

Thanks everyone at Hairbro Review by Lewis / (Posted on 2/28/2015)
I just did my first detachment (club system) and my first attachment of a Hairbro system. I also cut my own growing hair with clippers. What was the result-FANTISTIC. After 25 years with a club I decided to try Hairbro. I have had the Hairbro system for over a week and finally decided to start the "do it yourself" project. I just finished and I can't believe how great I look. The Hairbro hair is cut perfect, the color is perfect and it looks great. It was easy to attach especially with adjust a bond which provided me the time to adjust perfectly. Mary from Hairbro undoubtedly knows hair because everything was too perfect. My sincere thanks to her for being the ultimate outstanding profesional she is. Results speak for themselves.

Not only did I save a bundle by going with Hairbro, I also saved a lot of time and do not have to drive over 90 miles for services. I should have done this years ago. Thanks to Hairbro Review by Stephen / (Posted on 2/28/2015)
After 25 years of going to a club I decided to order from Hairbro and was vey surprised that my first "hair in a box" (2 units) just arrived after about 5 weeks. They look great. Great job and thanks to Mary from Hairbro. Since I have just had my Last service from the club, I will wait until next week for my do it yourself attachment. I will proceed slowly since this will be my first attempt at this. Thanks to all of you for your helpful comments to several of my posts. I have plenty of products to get started and also bought clippers to cut,my own growing hair. That should be a challenge!!!! Its a nice thought knowing I will be saving a lot of money,not driving over 90 miles for services and can do them myself whenever I want and best of all-look great! Thanks and good luck to all. Review by Andy / (Posted on 2/28/2015)
I had been a standing order customer for a couple of years, and my pieces were usually pretty good. I'd have some density problems at times, but all were useable,thank you! Review by Joseph / (Posted on 2/28/2015)

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Anxious about hair loss while not able to afford the high cost of surgical hair transplant? Is there any other safe, effective and affordable way to regain the hair? Well, why not have a try on hair replacement?

Hairbo, one of the industry experts on the current market, strives to providing the best quality hair replacement but at a fraction of the cost. You will certainly be able to find the perfect one to match your looks from versatile hair styles and colors. Surely, we also provide custom-made service to meet individual hair replacement needs, based upon your lifestyles and expectations.

Best Natural Looking Front Hairline

At Hairbro, all hair replacement is made with 100% Remy Human hair, which is crowned the finest quality Human hair featuring exceptionally strong, healthy, soft, glossy and less likely to be tangled, results in virtually undetectable to both sight and touch.

Uneasy about ordering one online? Hairbro won't make you feel down.

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