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Top Quality French lace front men's toupee half head cover with transparent poly

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Top Quality French lace front men's toupee half head cover with transparent poly

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  1. * Template & samples *
    • Template & samples
    • I'll send in an old unit for size and curvature reference
      • No need to ship back
      • Return with order
      • Rush ship back +$20.00
    • I'll send in a new template and hair samples
    • Use my template and samples already on file
    • I'll fill the dimension in below Base Size section

  2. * Base size *
    • Base size
    • 5*7 inches
    • 6*8 inches
    • 6*9 inches
    • 7*9 inches
    • 7*10 inches
    • 8*10 inches +$19.00
    • 8*11 inches +$29.00
    • 9*11 inches +$29.00
    • Custom
      • Width Inches
      • Length Inches
    • Full cap (area is or bigger than 100 square inches) +$99.00
      • Circumference Inches
      • Front to nape Inches
      • Ear to ear across forehead Inches
      • Ear to ear over top Inches
      • Temple to temple round back Inches
      • Nape of neck Inches

  3. Base material color
    • Base material color
    • Same as my last order
    • Light brown
    • Medium Brown
    • Dark Brown

  4. * Front contour *
    • Front contour
    • Match the front contour of template or sample piece on file already
    • AA (V peak shape)
    • A (between AA and CC)
    • CC (round shape)
    • C(nearly straight shape)

  5. * Hair color *
    • Hair color
    • Match the sample I'll send in(Recommended)
    • I'll send in an old system as sample
    • Use my sample already on file
    • Use your color code
      • Preview
      • 1#
      • 1B#
      • 2#
      • 3#
      • 4#
      • 4ASH#
      • 4R#
      • 5#
      • 5R#
      • 6#
      • 6R#
      • 6RD#
      • 7#
      • 7ASH#
      • 8R#
      • 10R#
      • 12R#
      • 17#
      • 17R#
      • 18#
      • 20#
      • 20R#
      • 22R#
      • 30#
      • 59#
      • 60#
      • 60RY#

  6. * Hair length *
    • Hair length
    • Up to 4"
    • 6"
    • Longest at 8" +$29.00
    • Longest at 10" +$35.00
    • Longest at 12" +$45.00
    • Longest at 14" +$60.00
    • Longest at 16" +$80.00
    • Longest at 18" +$110.00
    • Longest at 20" +$150.00
    • Longest at 22" +$200.00
    • Longest at 24" +$265.00
    • Longest at 26" +$350.00
    • Longest at 28" +$460.00
    • Longest at 30" +$600.00

  7. * Hair density *
    • Hair density
    • 50%
    • 55%
    • 60%
    • 65% Extra Light( 65% and lower for Lace base or Ultra Thin Skin only)
    • 70% (70%-125% can work with any base)
    • 75%
    • 80%
    • 85%
    • 90%
    • 95%
    • 100% Light to Medium density ( the most popular)
    • 105%
    • 110%
    • 115%
    • 120% Medium Density
    • 140%
    • 160%
    • 180%

  8. * Curl & wave *
    • Curl & wave
    • Bodywave European straight (35mm)
    • Slight wave (28mm)
    • Medium wave (22mm)
    • Tight wave (18mm)
    • Medium curl (12mm)
    • Tight curl (10mm)

  9. * Hair direction *
    • Hair direction
    • Same as my last order
    • Free style
    • Left parting
    • Right parting
    • Center parting
    • Left break
    • Right break
    • Left crown
    • Right crown
    • Center crown
    • Brush back

  10. Hair type
    • Hair type
    • Remy hair(best) +$49.00
    • Indian human hair (medium thickness)
    • European hair(fine,thin &soft , UP TO 7’’) +$29.00
    • Chinese hair (coarse,extremely straight)

  11. Grey hair
    • Grey hair
    • No need grey hair
    • The same as the old unit I'll send in
    • Same grey percentage as hair sample I'll send in
    • Use my sample already on file4
    • Same as my last order
    • I want grey hair
      • Grey hair type:
        • Human grey hair less than 30% (fine but color may shed)
        • Human grey hair 30% and up (fine but color may shed) +$49.00
        • Synthetic grey hair (best choice)
        • Yak (similar to human but thicker and shinny)
      • Grey percentage of total:
        • % all over
        • Grey distribution
          • Front grey %
          • Top grey %
          • Crown grey %
          • Temples grey %
          • Sides grey %
          • Back grey %

  12. Highlight
    • Highlight
    • No need highlights
    • The same as the old unit I'll send in
    • Use my sample already on file
    • Same as my last order
    • I want highlights to my hair
      • Highlight hair type
        • Synthetic hair
        • Human hair
      • Highlight color
        • Match the sample I'll send in
        • The same as my old unit I'll send in
        • Use your color code and I'll type the code in below field
      • Highlight distribution
        • Evenly blended whole unit
        • Spot (streaks/chunks)
      • Highlight percentage%

  13. Scallop front
    • Scallop front
    • No need scallop front
    • #1 scallop size
    • #2 scallop size
    • #3 scallop size
    • #4 scallop size
    • #5 scallop size

  14. Bleach knots
    • Bleach knots
    • Bleach knots 1/4" in distance from front
    • Bleach knots 1/2" in distance from front
    • Bleach knots 1" in distance from front
    • Bleach knots all over +$19.00
    • No need bleach knots

  15. * Rush service *
    • Rush service
    • Average service 6-8 weeks
    • Rush service 5-6 weeks

  16. Additional instruction

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You can now get this dense and wonderful hair system with a French lace in front and Poly back, especially for men. In an attempt to achieve the natural appearance of a full lace system yet provide a longer life span, the industry has created lace front hair systems using the lace material only in the front and hairline area The product essentials are:

  • The half cover poly added to bases to strengthen
  • It contains all virgin human hair
  • The hair system has about a 7*9 inches base size
  • It has a 120% hair density and a free style direction
  • The hair length is about 6”
  • Invisible threads stitched to lace front will provide longer life span of the toupee.
  • Your real color of scalp will show behind undetectable thin transparent poly.
  • Lace part can be replaced by new frontal if it falls apart.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Base Design French lace, Poly Permeter
Base Size 7*9 inches
Curl & Wave 30mm
Hair Color 1B#, 2#
Hair Density 120%
Hair Direction Free style
Hair Lengh 6"
Hair Type All virgin hair

Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

9 Item(s)

Its a costume toupee and it serves that purpose well. It looks like the picture. Not entirely comfortable, but I only used it for one night so no big deal. Review by Darmon Richter / (Posted on 5/11/2015)
nice work
I have had a wonderful experience with Hairbro. Everyone I have spoken to has been so kind and helpful. I am so new to this and have had many questions. I have had great service and people have been so patient with me. My life has been forever changed because of my new hair. Review by Michael / (Posted on 2/28/2015)
very good!
emails sometimes have taken a few days to be responded to, but I have ALWAYS gotten a response regardless. Not only that, but the responses always feel so genuine and like the person writing truly cares to help me. I had a few issues with my first order (due to the specifications I ordered...nothing they did wrong). The tech I have been emailing has answered all of my questions and has eased my concerns.

My topper came in a bit thin, but overall, the quality really impressed me. The color is practically perfect (I let them match based on my sample) and the texture of the hair is so similar to mine! I am still trying to work up the nerves to attach it, but the fact that I didn't immediately throw it back into the box to return it really blew my mind.... Hairbro is obviously doing something right :)

I just wanted to take the time to write about my experience so far. I know how intimidating the thought of buying hair is and I think if more people posted of their positive experiences, it may help those people who are on the fence finally make that leap. I am happy to be an Hairbro customer! Review by William / (Posted on 2/28/2015)
Its a layer of silk on top of the lace i believe. It gives a more realistic appearance. Its 80.00 per system and takes about three to four months to make.I had my last two systems without it and if your density is high enough you cant see the knots. but with a lower densithy it helps hide the knots. Review by Fred / (Posted on 2/28/2015)
just wanted to say thank you to Hairbro. I got my hair today and it looks beautiful!! everything was just as i ordered. It took a little longer than i thought but its so worth the wait (silk top)! my tech always keeps in touch with me and i have had a great experience with hair direct.

this is my second standing order. thanks again Hairbro staff Review by Martin / (Posted on 2/28/2015)
After 3 weeks from placing my initial order, I did receive an email that my order will be delayed as it is stranded in Customs. Since then, I have contacted Hairbro via chat, emails and telephone calls for last two weeks and I am not getting a straight answer what is going on with my order. Review by Gary / (Posted on 2/28/2015)
nice work
I just got my 2 systems that I had remade in and they are GREAT!! the hair quality is perfectly silky and nice. The density is right on. the base is not orange and looks in perfect new condition.

the color is a smidge darker than ideal, but totally workable

was getting super nervous, but Hairbro pulled thru for me!! Review by Henry / (Posted on 2/28/2015)
very good!
I just posted about having problems with orders and then realized how many people I may have scared away.

Honestly, I think Hairbro is great and I do not regret shaving my head or choosing to wear hair as opposed to living with going bald. I have no doubt that Hairbro will be extremely helpful and concerned with the problems I have experienced. I have often felt guilty for not posting more often to encourage others who may be struggling now like I struggled before choosing to take the leap. I suggest this company for your hair loss problem ! Review by James / (Posted on 2/28/2015)
hi my name is steve and i live in london england........may i say how pleased i am to have found this site.I have been with a hair company in london for 10 yrs....but have decided to resist their terrible sales pressure into purchasing what can only be described as pizza bases with rabbits stuck on top!I have paid nearly$5000 equiv. for terrible rugs....i wear a cap permanently to hide my embarrasement....i have learnt more in 10mins on this site than 10yrs with that only concern is what do i do?can any one give me advice on the best system the most natural ...i would be most grateful...once again thankyou for giving me hope Review by Henry / (Posted on 2/28/2015)

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At Hairbro, all hair replacement is made with 100% Remy Human hair, which is crowned the finest quality Human hair featuring exceptionally strong, healthy, soft, glossy and less likely to be tangled, results in virtually undetectable to both sight and touch.

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