Hair System Duplication

If you have a spare hair system that fits you well, send it in and we'll work with you to fit the needs of future hair systems. We have trained hair replacement consultants who will go over your spare system and work with you to better understand your unique needs and lifestyle.

Your system's base can't be stretched, ripped or torn — a duplication would reflect those conditions. It needs to be in the kind of shape in which you'd want to wear it.

Great Hair. Big Savings.

It doesn't matter where you bought your system, we can duplicate almost every type of hair system manufactured today. That includes custom systems from Hair Club, Apollo, JA Alternatives and Farrell Hair — we can even replicate hand-made pieces from your local hair studio.

This process is quicker than using our Custom Fitting Kit! Just be sure to send a system with no rips, tears or stretching to the base. A quality system is essential for duplication, and allows us to make a system that's best for you. And of course, if you'd like some changes, that's no problem either!

Why is duplication a great idea for you?
  • 1. It's a quick, easy and reliable way to order. If you can send in a hair system that fits you well, we can get all the important measurements we need.
  • 2. You'll save tons of money. Ordering hair through us means you're buying direct from the factory. So we can sell the same thing, at thousands less.
  • 3. Our hair systems are top quality. We use only the best materials and hair (human or synthetic). Plus, we guarantee everything 100% or your money back.

As soon as we receive your hair system, we will contact you to setup a call with one of our trained hair replacement consultants to discuss your system, and learn more about your lifestyle and needs to help develop future hair systems that work for you. We can even rush deliver your system back to you free of charge if needed!


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have changes and don't want an exact duplication?

No problem. The first thing we do when your hair system arrives is schedule a time to call you. We don't have sales people so there's no pressure to order. Instead, you'll be contacted by one of our highly qualified hair replacement consultants who will listen to your needs and make any base changes you'd like. Our knowledgeable and experienced hair replacement consultant will have your system in-hand, and may also make recommendations for improvements. Our factory can make any type of change to the color, base, hairstyle or attachment method you want!

What types of systems aren't good for duplication?

Basically, anything you couldn't currently wear. Since we're making a duplicate, any system that's been torn or ripped, or that has a stretched base can't be used. We take the base measurements from the system you send in, so it should be an existing system with a good contour. Also, integration systems and off-the-shelf, ready-to-wear hairpieces (such as wigs with elastic straps and hair wefts) can't be duplicated.

Also, your existing system should be cleaned before it’s sent to us. For more information on how to properly clean a system, check out this step-by-step guide to cleaning a hair system.

When will you send my hair system back to me?

We realize that not every hair wearer has a "spare" system. You may not be able to be without your system for more than a few days, so we'll rush deliver it back to you. We can even overnight it within the continental U.S.

Do I have to order a hair system if I send my system in for duplication?

No, not at all. Many people (especially those stuck in a contract or service agreement) will send us their current hair system just so we can get the measurements we need. Then, they place their order when they're ready. Because we keep all of your unique details on file, you can send your hair system in for duplication now, and then place your order later when it's convenient for you.

Can I send a mold of my head instead of a hair system?

You bet. As long as the measurements, contour and balding pattern are current, we can get all the necessary details from a tape, saran wrap or plaster mold.

Step 1:

Mailing your Hair System

Carefully pack it into a right size box or envelope along with a sample of your own growing hair.

We advice you try delivery by Express delivery company like UPS, DHL, TNT, Fedex which is fast and reliable. Once send out, please let we know the tracking number.

Step 2:

Confirm the order detail and make payment

As soon as your hair system arrives at our office, we will confirm we have received it. Then we will call you or send Email to confirm all detail and price with you. Then send you a quick payment link or an invoice.

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