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  1. How to Clean Your Hairpiece

    No matter you are a daily wearer or an extended hair wear, the adhesive resides will gradually build up on your system and get into your hair. In order to protect your hair system, the regular clean-up is recommended.

    Step 1: Removing the hairpiece tape

    Gently remove the hairpiece tape from the polyurethane areas of the hair system.

    Use your fingernail to scrap up the edge of the tape to start the peeling

    Tips: Remove tape from lace a

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  2. How to Shampoo and Condition Your Hairpiece

    Shampooing is a necessity for hair wearers since no one wants to smell or touch a dirty head. The general rule is to do it only when you need it or 1-2 times weekly at most. Any more and you will risk drying out the hair or causing tangles.

    How to shampoo your hair system properly and safely

    Shampooing your hair system is an important step to maintain a clean and natural appearance. Here is a few thing you can do to maximize the lifespan of your hair system.

    1. Work Your Way In

    Wetting your head and hair first and then pour the shampoo into your hands instea

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  3. Hair System Care and Maintenance Tips

    Preventing Oxidation

    Harmful UV rays from the sun can cause the hair in your hair system to turn orange or red in color. This change is called oxidation which is a chemical reaction that affects the color hues in your hair anytime oxygen is present and the molecules are exposed to UV light. Though it is a gradual process, if you spend much time outdoors, it could affect you and the natural appearance you're used to getting from your hair replacement.

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  4. Repair Service

    In addition to ordering a new hair system, you can choose the repair service to extend the life of your hair system and save you a few money by sparing you the cost of a new hair system. Here is a few options you can choose:

    1. Add hair (even gray!)

    We offer several services that can help restore the life and vitality to your system. One of the options id adding hair to a healthy hair system. We can even add gray hair to a system so it will age with you. If you notice that you have more gray natural hair, you can increase the gray percentage of hair in your system for blending purposes.

    2. Deta

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  5. Why Bald Happens

    Usually, men lose their hair in a predictable way while female lose their hair due to the medical problems. No matter the predictable hair loss or the medically related hair loss, they are both referred to as androgenic alopecia. There are many factors can speed up the hair loss process, such as ageing, stress, nutrition, illness and so on. Hair loss now is becoming a common problem that bothers people.

    Some important facts on male pattern baldness

    • Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia, usually occurs later in life as a result of changing hormone levels.
    • Hair loss can be psychologically distressing for men, and they may seek a variety of treatments.
    • Others factors of hair loss include infections, nutritional deficiencies, and some psychological conditions.
    • The treatments of male hair loss include medications, laser and light therapie
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  6. Massage

    Massage is an ancient alternative health practice dating back thousands of years. In recent years, scalp massage has gained its popularity on the hair loss scene. Following is about some benefits of scalp massage.

    1.Scalp Massage Stimulates Blood Flows

    The presence of DHT will lead to hair loss occurs as a result of Androgenetic Alopecia. DHT triggers the hair miniaturization and decreases the blood flow to the follicle. Although, the decreased blood flow isn’t the major cause of hair loss, it is a major contributo

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  7. Nutrition

    Nutrition is one of the most essential points to protect your hair from falling out and improve the overall hair health. Poor nutrition makes the hair much more susceptible to thinning and receding. Also, a diet with lots of inflammatory foods can lead to pattern baldness, thus eating anti-inflammatory food is helpful.

    The Benefits of a Vegan Diet for Hair Growth

    A plant-based diet brings its followers amounts of benefits such as the treatmen

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  8. Shampoo

    Almost everyone use a shampoo at least once a week, so it makes sense to use a shampoo that is specifically designed for the protection and regrowth of thinning and receding hair.

    Now we are going to review the best shampoos available, which ingredients are useful additions and which you should keep an eye out for to make sure you’re not using.

    1. Big Reasons to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Loss

    It has been shown that coconut oil has the strong penetrative abilities which can efficiently protect hair from damaging. Also, these penetrati

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  9. Different Types of Hair

    The type of hair is also one of the important questions that customers concern. Questions range anywhere from what different types of hair are good for, why so many types are available, and of course how to choose the best hair for yourself. With so many options available, it is easy to get confused!

    European Hair

    European hair refers to Caucasian hair from the western world, mainly from Russia. In the western world, very few women are willing to sell their hair which causes the high prices. European hair has a fine denier and has natural light brown and blonde shades which require less processing

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  10. How to Make a Template

    The key to a custom-made hair is the fitness, the base must correspond to the person’s head shape and original hairline recession. Creating a template can be done of the following methods.

    Hair System Fitting Cap

    Following this video, making “do-it-yourself” hair replacement fitting cap.

    Making a Full Cap Template

    Making a full cap template requires

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  11. How to Find A Local Stylist

    A professional stylist is really helpful for certain aspects of wearing hair, like cutting in your hair system, trimming your growing hair, and doing color touch-ups on both.

    The search for a stylist can be intimidating, but you shouldn’t give up before you get started! There are many stylists can cut in your hair system even if they don’t have previous experience with a hair system, especially if you have longer hair.

    Here are some tips for finding a local stylist in your community.

    How to find a stylist experienced with hair

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  12. How to Order Highlights

    So you are looking for a new hairstyle, but there are so many to choose from, and when you throw hair color and highlights in to the mixture the possibilities are seemingly endless. After all, there are streaks, chunks and spotlights. What do those terms mean anyway? Let’s get started!


    The traditional idea of highlights is subtle, evenly-laced streaks throu

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  13. How to Determine the Length You Need For A Long Hair System

    Determining which length of hair to order for a long hairstyle in a hair system is a bit challenging. Are your expectations even realistic taking in to consideration your own biological hair texture, curl, length, and density? Let’s look at the length issue at first today. There are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration when deciding the length of the hair system.

    Where’d those layers c

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  14. Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing A Hair System Base

    Designing your own hair system can be confusing, and one of the ways to simplify the process is by focusing on details about your lifestyle. Asking yourself some questions that are easy to answer which provide us the valuable insight. Here we have several questions that every hair wearer needs to consider before choosing base materials and or

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  15. Scalp Preparation

    Learn how to prepare your scalp before attaching a hair system. Proper base cleaning and scalp prep will play a huge part into getting a good, strong bond. By educating yourself and learning more will only help you make an informed decision before purchasing any products.

    The importance of proper scalp preparation

    No matter how strong your hair glue adhesives or hair tapes are, hair systems will not last for a long time if you do not clean and properly prepare your scalp first. Any hair adhesives residue unknowingly left on your head before reattaching your hai

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  16. Get Your Density Just Right

    Understanding Density

    Density is a very common term that related to hair system. It refers to the amount of hair ventilated in a hair system base. When you lose your hair and start to wear a hair system, it is common to want a lot of hair. However, sometimes, more hair doesn’t mean good, less hair doesn’t mean bad either. The point is to get the “age – appropriate” density.

    The density of hair is not only related to the age, but also the gender. Men and women with normal hair growth

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  17. Attachment

    Tape or Adhesive

    Both the tape and adhesive work extremely well for attaching hair system. Things need to be considered when you choose between tape and adhesive, such as how oily your scalp is and your lifestyle. Our tape are adhesives are medical grade and perform excellently whether the client wants a prolonged hold of 2-4 weeks or a hold of 5-7 days.

    1.Tape Attaching Guide

    Using tape to attach your hair replacement system is an easy way to get a secure bond for both daily and extended wear. Below we'll show you how to appl

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  18. Removal Instructions

    Taking your hair system off can be tricky and a little dangerous if you don’t know the right procedure. The material is quite delicate and you could risk tearing or damaging the system. If you’re looking for an easy and safe way to remove your hair system, maybe we can help. Just follow the instructions below to reduce hassle and minimize the potential for hair system damage.

    Step 1: Applying adhesive remover

    Firstly, find your spray-on or dab-on adhesive remover and apply it directly on the area of your hair system that is secured to your scalp.Allow the solvent to soak in and break down the bond for a few minutes before continuing to the next step.

    Step 2: Begin peeling hair system from the back

    In order to avoid damaging your front hairline, we recommend always removing your hair system from back to front. Start by using the tips of your finger to feel around for t

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  19. What Is Hair Replacement System?

    If you are suffering from the hair loss and not ha

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  20. Host an Asana kickoff meeting

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  21. Establish Asana conventions

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  22. Invite people to projects and tasks

    Invite people to projects and tasks

    After you’ve held your kickoff meeting and your entire team is ready to start using Asana, it’s time to send invites and add them as project members and task followers. If you and a smaller group of teammates already tested out Asana, make sure your projects and tasks are organized for the rest of your teammates to start tracking work in them. Or just follow the steps below to get Asana ready for your team.

    Getting your team into Asana

    1. Create a project everyone can work on

    Before inviting your team, make sure you’ve created

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  23. Move communications to Asana

    Move communications to Asana

    At this stage, your team might have questions about how to transition the work previously done over email or chat into Asana. When all of your conversations are tied to teams, projects, or tasks in Asana, your team will have clarity about what’s actually happening around work instead of having to cobble together or track down information across various tools.

    Follow along with How to Asana

    Prefer to watch it? Check out our

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  24. The Hardest Part of Wearing – Taking the First Step

    There are a lot of people are hesitant about wearing a hair system, because some people hold the point that ‘bald is beautiful’, ‘confidence is the key point’, or even ‘you should love who you are’. However, in a world where people make a lot of judgments about you based on your appearance, looking your best is quite important. Wearing a hair system should be as common as putting on make-up.

    1.Making the decision

    It is a truth that hair pieces are terrible things in a few decades ago. No wonder they usually appear in the burlesques to make people la

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