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  1. Grey Hair

    Adding grey hair to the hair system:

    Grey hair gives a natural and original look to your hair system. If your own hair was blended with grey hair, then you will need some grey hair when you order a hair system.

    Grey hair percentage: what is it?

    If you want to add grey hairs in your hair system, please specify a grey percentage.

    Grey hair percentage is the amount of grey hair you need in whole of your hairpiece. Grey hair can be added in the top, front, sides, back, temple areas to bring a natural look. Generally, people demand for grey hair in the sides of the hair system. If you choose to send us your own hair samples, then you do not to fill the grey hair percentage, because we can match the grey hair percentage in the sample

    Synthetic or human hair?

    When you choose grey hair in your system, the biggest doubt is to choose the human or synthe

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  2. Hair Length

    Hair length is the size of hair from root to the tip. The hair length option allows you to choose your hair system’s length. The cost and size of the hair system varies from one another. Generally, the standard hair length is considered to be 6 inches. As the length increases, the cost of the hair system also increases accordingly.

    In order to find the best hair system for you, here we provide a grading sketch of hair length. This will help you in determining the perfect length of hair that will suit you best.

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  3. Hair Direction

    The style of hair is very important to decide the type of hair system which will suit ones personality. People try to manage the hair in such a way so that they should look most fashionable and stylish in the crowd. Choosing the best style for your hair is not an easy thing.


    It is probably the most popular hair direction of all the styles, because it allows you to change the direction and parting at will

    Left Parting

    The style left parting is another normal style of the hair. If you w

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  4. Curl & Wave

    Body Wave (36mm)

    1-1/2 inch rod size will open to approximately 3 inch wave.

    When it is cut short, it will appear very straight.

    Slight Wave (32mm)

    1 inch rod size will open to approximately a 2 inch wave.

    The style of the curl is a wave style. Those who like the wave the curl they can so this curl.

    Medium Wave (25mm)

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  5. Hair Color

    How to choose the right hair color for your hair system?

    Hair color is one essential factor to choose when you are trying to get the best hair replacement system for yourself. Here we provide three options about how to choose the hair color.


    Option 1: Send us your own hair samples

    It is the best way to get the same colored hair and then we can provide the most natural look for you.

    If your hair color is symmetric on the whole head, please send us a single piece of sample with 100 to 200 hair strand which will make it easier for us to create a hair replacement system.

    If your hair color doesn’t have the same texture, please send us the samples according to the following patches:

    -Front: At the hairline or bang area (if possible)

    -Top: The front, top of your head (if possib

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  6. Highlights

    Highlights are contrasting color strands in your hair. They also give a brighter texture to the hair system and make them look completely natural.


    The traditional idea of highlights is subtle, evenly-laced streaks throughout the hair system. This kind of highlighting gives the general appearance of lightness which brightens the overall color. Highlights are typically applied to a hair system by a checker board design that alternates the 2 different required colors. Or by having small circles of the highlighted color placed evenly throughout the system.


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  7. Scallop Front

    A scalloped front is where the lace or skin on a front hair line is cut in a saw-tooth shape—Zigzags. It provides with much softer appearance of hair which enhances the natural look of the user. Usually scallop hairline is made with the skin material only because the lace material is kind of slippery which can be troublesome for the user to use.

    Rush Service

    The service period details for Standard cap size:

    -The regular service period is 6- 7 weeks.

    -The rush services period is 5 - 6 weeks.

    - The super rush period is 4 -5 weeks.

    The service period deta

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  8. Front Contour

    Front contour comes in various sizes and shapes. Just know about your suitability and preference and you can find out the best piece from our wide selection of front contour.

    AA (V Peak Shape)

    A (Between AA and CC)

    CC (Round Shape)

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  9. Bleach Knots

    Our hair replacement systems designed with bleach technique are absolutely amazing. They look pretty natural in every aspect. They hide the hairline completely, and seem as of growing naturally from the scalp. They are 100% undetectable.

    Bleached knots is achieved by using a chemical process in which hair lightening product is applied the hair knots only to lift the hair color anywhere from 2 to 6 shades. Bleached knots enhance the goodness of the hair system. There are many people who prefer having knots towards the front contour. With bleached knots hair system, one can have artificial front hairline


    -          Provide more natural looking

    -          It make the hair appear as though it is growing from your

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  10. Base Material Color

    It’s important to choose the matching base material color to your scalp which can provides a natural looking. We offer options of dying the base, making it a perfect match with the individual’ skin. So whether you are looking for one with brown color, light brown color, or any other tone we can easily make it available to you.

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  11. Base Design

    Hair systems are available for various types with different materials and fabrics, but primarily they can be divided into four:

    1. Full lace base hair system:

    Lace base hair systems are the best one when it comes to durability and also they provide a real look to the user. Lace system base is light and breathable, because the air can pass through mesh. Various laces are available in the market and we have Swiss lace, French lace, and Mono lace.

    For the durability: Mono lace > French lace > Swiss lace

    For the reality: Swiss lace > French lace > Mono lace

    2. Base with lace in front

    Few lace systems are combination of both durability and natural appearance, the front base lace system is one of such hair systems. The lace material is used in the front and in the side hairline area only. However, sometimes it can be bit problematic as different materials are used for hair system so the

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  12. Hair Type

    There are generally 4 basic types of hair used in hairpieces industry which include Synthetic hair, Normal human hair (which is further categorized into Chinese hair, Indian hair and European hair etc.), Remy hair and Virgin hair. It is difficult to see the difference among all these hair type on the surface.

    Synthetic hair:


    Easy Care – The hair will return to its initial style after simply washing and drying.

    Cost - Synthetic hairpieces are relatively inexpensive

    Little Maintenance –Synthetic hair needs rare maintenance

    Large Color Selection - You can choose from an array of natural colors, as well as several fantasy colors.

    Natural Looking – It is very difficult to tell the difference between the synthetic hair and real human hair


    Unnatural Shine – Some low quality synthetic hair will have

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  13. Base Size

    How to measure Base Size?

    In order to make the most fitting hair system for you, it’s important to know the right measures of your base size. You can either send us your template or measure it on your own by following the instructions laid below-

    Measure a full cap:

    1. The Circumference of the Head

    In order to measure the circumference of your head position the tape to the edges of your head. Following the hairline and nape of your neck rap it all around the head.

    2. From Foreh

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  14. Hair Density

    Hair density is basically the amount of hair growing on the head. Hair density is calculated by counting the hair growing in 1 sq. inch (that is to say-2.5 cms) area of your scalp. On the average, every person has approximately around 2,200 strands of hair per square inch and has a total of 100,000 hairs. Usually, hair density is classified as thin, medium, and thick. Hair density of a person has nothing to do with the texture of his/her hair.

    Please consider the hair densities registered below and choose the right one matching your own natural hair.

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  15. You Must See To Believe How Hair Bro Hair Replacement Systems Look So Natural!

    Hair Replacement Systems (formerly called as Wigs) help people to overcome their deficiency in hair-growth, by concealing the empty portion over the scalp. But the moment somebody suggests the idea of wearing a wig to these hair-loss sufferers and premature baldness victims, the very first reaction from them will be reluctance and hesitation. There are reasons behind this hesitation. Here let us see how Hair Bro, the popular Hair Replacement Systems manufacturing company online has come forward, with excellently-crafted men’s toupees and full hair replacement systems, to wipe off these reluctance and doubts.

    Why people hesitate to use wigs?

    For years together, the popular notion about wearing a wig over the scalp is against that idea. In peoples’ mind it has been strongly embedded t

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  16. Hairpiece Tape Adhesives & Toupee Tape

    For a comfortable bonding, these toupee tapes and hairpiece adhesives are used for better adherence. These have capable adhesive laid on both sides to fix properly. Also known as “medical” or “surgical grade” strips, these are prepared keeping the environment fully sterilized.

    Multi-type hair adhesive strip

    Toupee tapes come up in numerous types and colors to give you an enhanced comfort. Except the cloth tape all other are transparent making it blend with the head without being visible. The colors depict the different levels of stickiness for these tapes.

    These tapes are available in strips or as rolls. Their formulation is on the basis of the outer line from where the hair start growing. The hair system has to be carefully adjusted for which these strips are designed keeping the color and type accurate.

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  17. Tips For Daily Hairpiece Regime Wearing

    Daily usage tips for your hairpiece systems can be seen below for your convenience:

    • You will have to properly clean your scalp before usage.
    • It would be prudent to use the white clear liner tape on surfaces that are polyurethane based. Also, change the tape regularly for better efficiency.
    • If you feel too lazy to replace the tape every day, then you can just apply a thin layer of liquid adhesive as you are about to apply the hair system back on head.
    • Take a look at the quick steps for effective hair replacement applying to the head here.

    Tips for a full lace front hair regime:

    For better efficiency, you need to make sure that the tape is always fixed to the hair system rather than your scalp. On removing the system, you need to keep the tape fixed to the unit.

    • For lace surface
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  18. Tips For Extended Hairpiece Regimes

    Sometimes situations may arise where you might be using your hair system for more than a week continuously. For that purpose you can take a look at the following tips for efficient usage. Or perhaps you can take a look at our daily usage tips right here.

    • Make sure that you thoroughly clean your scalp before using the regime on it.
    • While using blue liner, liquid adhesives or Proflex strips, it is significant to sue red tape on the polyurethane based surface so that it is easy to clean up later.
    • Sometimes, after vigorous exercise or work out, you might feel the system coming off. You need not worry at such times as it is just due to the moisture and heat generated which makes the adhesive loosen up, but rest assured as your unit is still safely bonded. Let it cool naturally before touching it.
    • Dust particles can easily attach to the unit and the lace material after us
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  19. How To Choose An Affordable Hair Transplant

    It is essential that you be careful while going for a transplant. One can easily get an affordable service by keeping few tips in their mind. One will never go wrong in choosing the right hair transplantation after following these steps.

    Consistent results:

    One should opt for a hair transplantation center that is well equipped and has all the facilities. They should be capable of providing you with microscopic graft preparations, natural finishing and reliable results.
    ?Inexpensive hair transplant:
    The cost of particular hair transplantation does not guarantee you with the best results. It is important that you should have complete knowledge about the transplant procedures along with the costs. Once you are aware of all the necessary info, you can opt for the one that is suitable for you. One can even make this choice by con

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  20. Stylish, Natural-Looking And Beautiful Hairstyle Will Be Yours With Silk Top Lace Wigs!

    Buying a beautifully-crafted Human Hair Wigs for Women is a progressive proposition, which solves your problem with regard to lack of sufficient hair-growth upon your scalp. You can instantly shed the inhibition about wearing a Wig, since modern technology Wigs manufactured by the Industry Leader, Hair Bro belong to a totally higher-scale, quality-wise. You can buy them with confidence, pay only a very affordable price since you are buying directly from the manufacturer, and go about with the most-fashionable hair-style you are dying to have.

    How Hair Bro Women’s Wigs are Special?

    In any product-manufacture, if the needs and requirements of the end-user are taken into consideration at every stage of the manufacturing process, and implemented carefully, the product will meet with a run-away success, and amass tremendous patronage from consumers. Especially in the case of “Personal Product” like a Wig, this co

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  21. Why Worry On Hair-Loss? Use World-Class Human Hair Toupee And Proceed To Conquer The World!

    Men are born to achieve in life and conquer the world by their talents and smartness. Towards this objective, most of the time they are meant to be outside their home and mingle in the society. Eventually, they need to flaunt an aura of authority and command respect from others. Unfortunately, if their physical appearance is handicapped by baldness or severe hair-loss, men shrink within themselves. But they need not worry anymore, since world-standard human hair toupee for men are just clicks away online, at to get back their fantastic look.

    The interesting history of toupees:

    Hair loss problem is not a new one and has been plaguing the human race, ever since inception. So the alternative ideas to conceal baldness have also started their rounds very early. Historical evidences go to show that the Egyptians and Romans made enormous use of this di

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  22. How To Prepare Your Scalp For Fitting Best Of Best Hair Replacement System?

    Baldness and hair loss problems can be overcome easily, what with the availability of best of best hair replacement Systems online, from world-renowned manufacturers like No one can see any difference from your natural hair and this top-class Hair Replacement System, when worn upon your head. Thus you can wipe off the worries and psychological setbacks caused by your awkward appearance, without proper hair-style which attracts immediate attention and mockery from onlookers.

    These high quality Hair Replacement Systems are coming in “customized and tailor-made” sizes from the manufacturers, when you order online. You are given the widest option to choose from assorted varieties of Hair Replacement Systems; and to suit your preferences of wearing and changing them at periodic intervals you desire. The change of the Hair Replacement System is enabled by fixing it on your scalp, with

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  23. Wig Perfect!

    Our minds keep on changing. At one moment we want long hair like Rapunzel and at other times we desire a short hairstyle. And who doesn’t want to dye their hair in various colours and look fabulous like Clementine in the movie ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’? But then, yes, these experiments may not always be possible, given the frequency at which our minds change. So here is lies the solution to all your problems – get a wig!
    How to put on a wig?
    Wigs look natural and stay put if you know to put them on properly. You need to follow a few steps:-

    Step 1:

    You need to have a wig, wig cap and bobby pins. At first braid your hair, and then attach the braid to the crown of your head with bobby pins. Secure them with enough bobby pins so that they do not come out and stay in place.

    Step 2:

    Put on a hair cap, preferably skin colored. The hair cap will help you keep the braids in place and also

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  24. Making Your Hair Softened

    The softness of Hair quality is all because of the sebum, in other words, deficiency in that department in any case. Every last one of your natural, developing hairs is continually being covered with a fine layer of sebum. This turns out to be the reason your hair becomes greasy after a few days of absence of cleaning (not that you'd go for keeping your hairs untidy and unwashed for such a long period… right, if am not wrong?)

    What’s exactly is sebum? Happy you asked. Sebum is nothing but basically a natural semi-fluid discharged by the sebaceous gland. Take a look at the above image to understand the concept well in this regard. One’s sebaceous glands happen to be the major place which is usually discovered connected with individual follicles of the hair where the glands can store sebum and take that to the skin outside through th

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